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Taoist tea: composition. Tea to increase potency

Problems of the sexual plan can destroy even the strongest pair. The deterioration of sexual desire causes complexes both in men and in women. And the lack of regular sexual relations can lead to health problems. Fortunately, all these problems can solve Taoist tea. The composition of this drink includes only natural ingredients that contribute to the normalization of sexual function, allowing you to get rid of the existing problem.

History of the appearance of Taoist tea

How and when did Taoist tea appear? This drink appeared in ancient China during the founding of Taoist sexual practices. This is a system of special exercises and sex techniques, created within the framework of Taoism. At that time, the secret of Tao tea, which increased sexual attraction in both men and women, was revealed.

At present, there is a growing interest in Taoist sexual practices. There are advanced techniques and exercises created on the basis of the ancients. Together with this, Taoist tea is gaining popularity.

He will protect himself from complex psychological and physical problems, as well as significantly improve the quality of sexual relations.

The Benefits of Taoist Tea

This drink for potency has the same properties as Viagra, and other similar drugs. However, compared with pharmaceuticals, Daoist tea is 100% natural. In doing so, it helps to increase excitement and erection.

In most cases, problems of an intimate nature appear due to normal everyday problems. Unfortunately, this is not realized by all people, because of which manufacturers of different medicinal preparations for potency daily increase their profits. It should be understood that the pills are acting for their intended purpose, but instead of relaxing and increasing excitement, a person very often receives a painful erection and strain on the organs, in particular the liver, which can lead to serious health problems. Avoid all these troubles can be due to such a tool as Taoist tea. The composition of this drink allows you to naturally get rid of the problem and get the desired result.

Natural remedy for potency

Taoist tea is a modern and at the same time an ancient means for improving potency. In the composition of this drink are exclusively natural ingredients that relax the body, bringing the hormonal system in order.

Men note that Taoist tea, whose price is much lower than medicines, is no less effective than expensive means for erection. It is noteworthy that women can drink it. As for them worthy alternative means for increase of exaltation practically does not exist. Tea is able to decorate the sex life with new colors. The drink has already become an indispensable helper for many men and women.

The influence of tea on the body

What does Taoist tea look like? It consists of the following herbs: fennel, elecampane, bird mountaineer and some other herbs. These natural components interact with each other, enhancing the effect. Thanks to these herbs, Taoist tea acts on the body in an integrated way. As a result, the drink soothes the nervous system, tired of everyday problems and working days. After preparing the body, tea affects the hormonal system. In men, he normalizes the level of the hormone testosterone, in women - estrogen. If the couple before sex drink on the cup of Daoist tea, their excitement is nothing can prevent.

The problems that Daoist tea solves

The quality of sexual relations can be affected by many factors, such as stress, problems at work, improper lifestyle, taking medications, hypothermia or overheating, overweight, bad habits, prolonged absence of sexual contacts, and others.

Nothing tunes up for sex like Taoist tea. Its composition is selected in such a way that only one cup of tea before the sexual act allows you to tune in to the closeness both physically and psychologically.

The drink solves sexual problems of a different nature. He helps to relax and get excited, forget about extraneous thoughts, distracting from a partner. Tea is useful for erectile dysfunction and low duration of sexual contact. Women who can not reach orgasm should definitely try Daoist tea.

The instructions for using this remedy are simple enough, and the drink begins to act after 5-10 minutes. He is able to strengthen and prolong the erection, replacing "Viagra" and other expensive drugs. In women, tea causes an increase in blood flow to the pelvic area, improving sensations. Many representatives of the fair sex argue that after this tea they have increased orgasms, and their number has increased. After a cup of tea, the body is completely distracted from unnecessary thoughts and allows you to focus on your partner.

Advantages of Daoist tea

What are the advantages of Taoist tea? The composition of this product is safe and the most correct, if we consider this tool for erection from the biological point of view.

Synthetic and chemical drugs can only have a physical effect: they inject blood closer to the genitals, while they do not affect consciousness. Tea also acts first on a person's psychological state. It allows a person to relax and get rid of unpleasant thoughts, preparing the body for sexual intercourse. As a result, it not only positively affects the entire body as a whole, but also acts harmoniously.

The collection of rare herbs is everything that Taoist tea consists of. The composition reduces the risk of side effects to a minimum. There are enough of them for chemical preparations: these are the tides of blood to the face, and painful erections, and many other negative symptoms.

The components of tea work in the complex, exerting an exciting effect immediately on both partners. Women have nothing to compare the effectiveness of Taoist tea, because the pharmaceutical industry today is not able to offer a large range of similar products. And those that are on sale, often do not meet the individual characteristics of the body.

Instructions for using tea

Brew the drink only by instructions. Fortunately, the recipe for Taoist tea is simple enough. To make it, you need to take the teapot and prepare it in a traditional way (thoroughly wash and rinse with boiling water).

Then you need to prepare a decoction from the calculation: 1 teaspoon of tea per 200 ml of boiling water. The resulting tea should not be diluted with water. Therefore, if the couple plans to drink a cup of tea before intercourse (this is how you can achieve the maximum result), the drink should be brewed at the rate: 2 teaspoons per 400 ml of boiling water.

How to brew Daoist tea? Bay the grass with boiling water, you should insist them for 10 minutes, after which the tea is ready to be consumed. It is allowed to drink tea in the morning and in the evening, but in this case, the infusion should be made not so strong. To do this, increase the amount of water approximately 2 times. The course of application of such tea should be no more than 2 months, then a break should be made.

Where to buy Taoist tea

Since this product is a certified product that has undergone clinical trials, many pharmacies offer buyers to buy Taoist tea. Price due to the fact that this product is quite new in the domestic market, can reach several thousand rubles. After all, not all pharmacies had time to purchase this product. In the online store you can buy tea at 40-50% cheaper, but you should choose only the tested vendors to be sure of the quality and authenticity of the composition.

Clinical trials of tea

Before getting into pharmacies and stores, tea was clinically tested. The study involved volunteers: women and men. Before sex, they drank a cup of Taoist tea.

The results impressed scientists. In 94% of women, there was an increase in sexual arousal within 5-10 minutes after drinking tea.

They argued that the sensations of the sexual act were much stronger and brighter. 54% of women interviewed had a repeated orgasm during sex, despite the fact that previously this did not happen.

In 97% of the men surveyed, the excitability improved. Men claim that after tea they could escape from extraneous thoughts and stress. About 30% of men noted a strong erection. The duration of the sexual process increased about 3 times. 10% of men got rid of premature ejaculation.

Overall, 99% of the subjects reported that they would use Daoist tea for potency. Drink refers to ordinary foods that do not cause side effects. He is admitted to the sale and in the pharmacy is released without a prescription.

The view of sexologists

Specialists in the field of sexual psychology insist that ignoring the factors that have a negative impact on sexual life entails sad consequences: impotence, a violation of the hormonal background, a reduction in erection and arousal. This is only a small list of male sexual problems. Women lose the opportunity to get an orgasm and get excited, which also leads to a number of problems, both psychological and physical.

Sexologists speak out against surgical intervention as a method of treating impotence. They also oppose chemical stimulants that have many side effects. A cup of Taoist tea 5 minutes before sex helps to normalize an intimate life.

Experts note a good result after taking this tea. The product can be used in conjunction with other methods of restoring an erection, with most patients returning to normal sexual life, forgetting about problems with potency.

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