Ancient China is an empire under the sky itself

A country of contradictions and mysteries, ancient history and high art. Ancient China attracts its own special worldview, philosophy and knowledge. This is the only country where culture and the state peacefully get along with each other, without hampering development for four millennia in a row.

Interestingly, the name "China" is only present in Russian and Ukrainian. This word is like the name of the tribe of the Khitan who lived in the Far East near the border of this state. In Europe, the Celestial Empire is known as "China". This toponym is derived from the name of the Chinese dynasty of Qin. In the Roman Empire, which introduced the Old World to this eastern region, it was called "the country of silk." But the Chinese themselves call their homeland Zhong-go - Central, Middle-state - or the Celestial country.

Science in ancient China was highly developed. At that time, it was believed that their country is in the middle of the planet, in the highest land place. Hence the name "Celestial". The ancient country occupied the territory between the East China Sea and the Yellow Sea, the Yangtze River valley, the Alashan and Gobi Deserts. The western border is designated by the mighty ridge of Tibet. It was ancient China and its scientists that gave the world a large number of discoveries, without which modern man can not do. Compass, paper and printing, gunpowder, porcelain, silk are not all of their inventions.

Medicine was especially well developed here. In ancient China, more attention was paid to the harmony of the soul and body, because they believed that every illness is closely related to energy centers. On the basis of this exercise, many recovery systems were based, which are still popular today. A person sees them as a small grain of sand in the universe, which is closely related to it and is subject to its laws. It was from this country that the teaching of Feng Shui, the fortune-telling on the book of changes, many martial arts came to Europe.

Ancient China is a land of amazing sights and fascinating nature. There are many buildings here, the age of which is measured in millennia. There are miracles of the world here, both natural and man-made. And all these interesting places harmoniously complement each other.

The territory of the country was densely cut by rivers. The valleys of many of them are ideal for farming. From the depths of the centuries, Chinese grow rice, millet, mulberries, collect tea, use wood of mulberry and varnish trees. From crafts of high craftsmanship, the residents achieved tremendous successes in pottery, porcelain production, jewelry art. Here, copper, tin, nickel, gold and silver were used.

Ancient China already in 1500 BC owned irrigation systems, which are not much inferior to modern ones. Then the first surprisingly complex system of writing with the use of hieroglyphs was born. From the Middle Kingdom, Taoism and Confucianism spread all over the world.

It is difficult to overestimate the contribution of ancient China to the development of human civilization. A lot more than we owe to the Chinese!

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