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Catching on the nipple - a method for novice anglers

Very interesting, and most importantly, the result is fishing on the nipple. This method, although considered passive in contrast to fishing with other gear, but in certain situations it shows quite impressive results.

The main advantage that catch on the nipple is that there is no need to track the bite, since the alarm only works when the hook is already in the mouth of the fish. In this case, self-clipping is inevitable. This way you can catch not only carp or crucian carp, but also carp with red-rind, roach and even white cupid.

Catching on the nipple is quite popular today. Fishing with this type of tackle sometimes brings quite a good catch. Very often, large fish fall on the float fishing rod with the rubber band.

This method is not considered poaching or fishing. It is primarily designed for beginner fishermen, since catching on the nipple is notable for its simplicity.

At the same time, you do not need to drastically change the usual donka. It is quite enough just to change the leashes and the feeder, which you can make yourself, for example, from a steel spoon, cutting it at the base and drilling two holes: to fasten the line and the leash with the hooks. Actually, nipples can be called all the gear in which springs are used as feeding troughs, because of them the fish sucks the bait, as if from the nipple, while simultaneously filtering a large amount of water through the gills.

Catching on the pacifier, even for beginners, is not difficult. The main thing is that the spring is densely packed with a bait, under which the hooks are hidden. Eating prey, the fish swallows them, after which self-clipping takes place. Best of all, this tackle works when a piece of polystyrene is placed on each hook.

In some cases, for example, when carp is caught on the nipple, it is convenient to install two or even more rods at a depth of up to one and a half meters. It is better to do it in the evening, and on the rods to set bells, so as not to oversleep the bite. Attracted by the smell of carp, swam to the trough, it is taken to suck food from it and must be marked. Immediately the alarm goes off - and the fisherman does not have anything to do, how carefully to pull the fish ashore.

Catching on the nipple has one undeniable advantage: it can be combined with fishing match, fly or Bolognese tackle. The downside of this method is that the outfit is externally very plain and sometimes cumbersome.

For this type of fishing, not too long rods with access rings will do. Neither the length, nor weight, nor the material of the rings and even the structure are of any importance, since catching on the nipple does not involve frequent casting. The basic parameters are strength with compactness.

Important and bait, the smell of which the fish should feel from afar. At the same time, the feed should be tight and viscous to remain in the feeder for a sufficient period of time, optimally - up to ten hours. A careful fish, for example, carp or carp, for a long time comes to the trough, and if the bait is washed, there will certainly be no bites. The best thing for this are bread or potato dough, oatmeal, millet porridge, hominy, and the like.

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