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I Believe - I Do not Believe, Or Why Do I Need Religion?

Religion is, above all, faith. Belief in something supernatural, incomprehensible, impossible in terms of scientific knowledge. This is the belief in God or the gods who control our life, are active participants or passive observers of what is happening on earth, and even completely alienated from our world. Religion is an eternal "paradox" that not only survives in our world, but also gathers new momentum.

As far as I remember, in philosophy there are two main directions of ontology, which explain everything that does not exist: what is spirit and matter, which of them is primary. The modern generation does not read Engels and Marx, but whoever has heard of this will surely be able to reduce this uneasy task to the two directions of philosophical thought - idealism and materialism. Yes, it would be rude to say that materialism is a rigid atheism, and idealism necessarily implies a religious worldview. Not at all.

Two camps are not only philosophers - all of humanity! Materialists who believe that matter is primary, and everything that is, is created due to the spontaneous astronomical, geochemical, biological and psychological processes that brought us to the present, constitute one camp. Where did the timing come from? Where is that wonderful mechanism that started with our history? And then there is an explanation: a big explosion is an incredible astronomical process and a catastrophe that formed the universe and the entire material world. Maybe...

Some say that we all walk under God. Closer to idealism, however, as I said, it is not necessary. God is the creator, the creator. In the medieval philosophy of continental Europe this theme was developed as well as possible, the idea of creationism was put forward, and ideas about the limited time began to be created. This is in Christianity. But there are similar ideas in Islam and Buddhism ... There are fundamental differences between these religions: philosophical, dogmatic and other differences. However, there is a general idea: the creator who sees everything, gives life, he himself has a cause in himself, therefore no one above him!

Mythology ... Let us recall the Maya, the Aztecs, the Teotihuacan state in Central America, which existed many centuries before us. Their mythology can not be close to the mythology of European peoples, as African religions can not be close to the ancient Indian philosophical ideas of the world. The reason for this is the long-standing divergence of the historical paths of these peoples. And yet ... even in these mythologies there are similarities: the limited time, the idea of the end of the world. Is it accidental that the mythologies and religions of many peoples are intertwined in basic questions, nevertheless, differing in their different interpretations and trivialities? For example, characters, events and times when they happened?

And so ... the 21st century begins. Mankind wanted to know where these philosophical ideas came from. Have paid attention to this similarity. And they decided that if we tackled these threads, we could come to the source of our ideas about the universe, and then solve, finally, the question of what is primary. It is not simple. Very difficult. The history carefully sweeps away the tracks, but you can see many outlines that outline the picture of the past, let it be hazy, but encouraging. Ufologists began to search in religious sources for elements that confirm the theory of extraterrestrial interference in the lives of our distant ancestors. Biblical stories, the Mahabharata of the Indians, other texts of antiquity and the knowledge that the initiate transmitted from generation to generation - they all say that humanity at one stage of its development suddenly changed its course dramatically.

Paleocontact is only a theory. Let it be imposed by the media as truth, and historians stand for revisionism, there is no reason not to trust it, because it is based on the uncertainty of the historical process and those facts that can not be explained by history. Judge: a few centuries ago there was alchemy, which in principle could not have success (like parascience). But on the other hand, it is the knowledge accumulated by the alchemists that allowed such science as chemistry to emerge after the 60s of the XIX century! Here we will draw just such a parallel: the study of ancient sources now is a possible pledge of a new direction of thought, provable in an indefinite future. As today people believe in Darwin's theory, they will then believe that extraterrestrial intervention on Earth took place, that we ourselves bear the unique DNA containing elements of extraterrestrial life, that the intervention of reasonable forces caused a change in history.

What is the Flood? Why did they write about him in sources of different origins: different people described the same thing, but from their own point of view. Some texts entered the Old Testament, others - went into oblivion. Why did the ancient Indians depict gigantic people, the ancient Egyptians portrayed flying machines, and the people of Australia and Oceania still dress up in bizarre suits, similar to the space suits of space travelers? Mmm?

The existence of extraterrestrial forces that do not correspond to religious representations, but can not be attributed to the scientific picture of the world, constitute the third camp, and it is quite significant. Religion is closely intertwined with philosophy, and philosophy - with science. All of them are types of worldview. And they have the right to exist. The question is how to prove it. How to prove that Buddha Shakyamuni became enlightened and knew the secrets of the universe, sitting under a tree? How to prove that Christ was resurrected after the crucifixion? How to prove that Allah, and not insanity, forced Muhammad to assemble the entire Arab world under one religious roof? No way. Because if the Buddha were lying, Christ would not be the Son of God, and Muhammad would not be the real prophet of Allah, then the whole human history would turn out to be a big fraud, and humanity would experience the greatest religious crisis. Billions of believers around the world would look back, into the past, at the sacrifices they had made in the name of their religion, and then ... it turned out that for several thousand years they had been deceived by themselves and history!

In what way is faith strengthened? Unwilling to fail or the natural need of a person to believe in something? After all, it's true: a person believes, then he has to, why live. Without faith, man is like without a rod. Ancient people, sitting in caves, hungry, threw the meat of the killed animal into the fire, offering a sacrifice to the gods. The Indians killed thousands of people, cruelly handling their corpses to coax some Huitzilopochtli. And the Greeks and Romans did not spare the best wine for Dionysus to rejoice in the ascent of the vineyards again. This is not stupidity - it is a delightful phenomenon, for it shows altruism, creates a special morality, sets the vector of life. It is called religion.

One can believe in people - they are material. One can believe in things - we feel them. But how to believe in something that is not visible? Kettle Russell - flying somewhere in space, but it's not visible! This does not mean that it does not exist, the scientist remarks with a sneer. Pink invisible unicorn or a flying pasta monster in pastafarianism - this is also nonsense, but in fact it is "believed"! Yes, ironically scientists are materialists to religion. They say that you need to believe in what we do. We are the masters of our destiny, the nature of the workshop and so on ... Bazarovshchina and humanism ... After all, this led us to such a stage of technical and technological development! Yes?

Okay ... I started this conversation not to answer questions the way I think. I dont know. I can not know, and teach someone - even more so. My head is not Berlioz's head, and I would not like to lose it under the tram wheels for this. Do you think for yourself how you would like to see this world, look at it properly: are you a creature of the spirit or have you come out of matter? Mmm? It's entertaining, especially if you understand how global these thoughts are.

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