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Group "Umaturman". What is the secret of their popularity?

The songs of the group "Umaturman" conquered the hearts of many listeners. But not everyone knows the history of its creation and the date of its foundation. This will be discussed in this article. Also you will find out who is in the group, what awards and albums are available and what is the secret of its popularity.

The history of the creation of the group "Umaturman"

Brothers Sergei and Vladimir Kristovskie for a long time fruitfully worked in different musical groups in Nizhny Novgorod. Once they decided to create a joint project. A certain number of songs were already available. It remains only to come up with an original and catchy name. Their choice was based on the name and surname of the beloved actress, who was Uma Thurman.

Thus the name of the popular band was born.

Date of foundation and albums of the group

The date of the founding of the group is 2003. At the end of this year, the Kristovsk brothers performed the song "Praskovya" at Zemfira's concert in one of the Moscow clubs - "16 tons".

In the spring of 2004 this musical composition was filmed. After it there were video clips of songs "To say goodbye" and "Uma Thurman". At the request of the famous director Timur Bekmambetov, the group "Umaturman" created the soundtrack for the movie "Night Watch". All these songs were included in the album entitled "In City N".

In 2005, the album "Maybe it's a dream" was released. Concert presentation of this collection was held in the SC "Olympic". At the metropolitan area there were about 15 thousand guests.

In 2008, the group "Umaturman" released the third album titled "Where Dreams Cause".

2011 is marked by the release of another record with an intriguing title "In this city everyone is crazy."

Awards and composition of the group

The group "Umaturman" is a three-time winner of the popular "Muz-TV" award. Also the collective took part in such festivals as "Maxidrom", "Megadrajv", "Megahaus", "Invasion".

Group members:

  • Vladimir Kristovsky (vocalist, guitarist).
  • Sergey Kristovsky (vocalist, back-vocalist, bass player).
  • Alexander Abramov (saxophonist).
  • Alexey Kaplun (pianist).
  • Sergey Solodkin (drummer).
  • Yuri Terletsky (guitar solo).

The secret of success and popularity of the brothers Kristovskih

Vladimir and Sergey Kristovskys are very talented. Their songs skillfully synthesize attractive melodies and ironic texts. This incredibly clings and activates the attention of listeners, lifts their spirits. Their songs are inherent in a unique and individual style, imbued with a special lyricism.

Vladimir (junior) is an unsurpassed author of exquisite texts and charming music. Sergei manages to create unique arrangements. He is also responsible for the reduction of music and all the difficult recording process.

Group "Umaturman". Songs. List

  • The album "Night Watch" (2004): "Bayu-bayushki-bai", "Give me a chance", "Why", "And the heart will turn", "Someone in the city", "Night Watch", "Lead" Praskovya "," To say goodbye "," Hey, fat, "" I've been waiting for you "and others.
  • Album "In city N" (2005): "Hell", "Hello, dear", "Give", "No cola, no dacha", "Explain to me", "To say goodbye", "Wounded in the temple," "You are far away "," You're gone, "" Uma Thurman "and others.
  • The album "Maybe it's a dream" (2006): "Everything as usual", "Everything will be fine", "In my head G", "Why", "Lullaby", "Someone in the city", "He Will come, "" Letter to the Mind, "" The Bird of Happiness, "" Say, "" Tennis, "" You're Far, "and others.

What did Sergey Kristovsky tell about in his interview?

April 28, 2009 Artem Shishkin (manager of the company "World of Music") talked with musician Sergei Kristovskiy (group "Umaturman"). He told about himself and his life a lot of interesting details. The multi-instrumentalist did not immediately devote himself to music. For a long time he was fond of hockey and swimming. And Sergei has time for hockey, and now. In music school he was a gifted child, teachers admired his abilities. He worked as a DJ, played in various musical groups. The real revelation was the recognition of Sergei in the ten-year alcohol dependence. From a bad and addictive habit, the family that emerged helped to get rid of it. After 2-3 years he creates with his brother Vladimir a joint group with the unusual name "Umaturman".

So, "Umaturman" - the group (photos are attached), founded by the brothers Kristovskie, - in a short period of time became known and in demand. Their songs have repeatedly occupied the first lines of charts. Many songs became favorite compositions from a large number of the public. Their concerts up to today collect a huge number of people.

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