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What if I hurt my finger?

"Bruised my finger, what should I do?" - quite often patients ask their doctors about this. And for good reason. After all, such a trauma is very painful and strongly hinders in everyday life, especially if a bruise occurred at once several phalanges on the right working hand.

Types of injuries

In medical practice, such injuries are divided into several types:

  1. Injury of the phalanx of the finger with a dislocation.
  2. A bruise with a fracture.
  3. Contusion with hematoma under the nail plate.
  4. Contusion with damage to the skin.
  5. Minor injury without any external damage and complications.

In the first four cases, the injured person should definitely visit a specialist. After all, if the bone is broken, there is a dislocation or torn tissues, urgent medical attention will be required , otherwise a severe suppuration may occur. If a person simply bruises a finger of the hand without any complications, damages, etc., then it is not necessary to apply to specialists.

Causes and Symptoms

Such a trauma can get both a child and an adult. As a rule, the causes of the bruise are a blow to the fingers of a blunt object, an unsuccessful fall of a person on the arm and others. In any case, with such a trauma, soft tissues cling to the bones fairly tightly, which entails changes in their structure. That is why, if a person bruises his finger, soon he will observe the following symptoms:

  • Internal bleeding will open , resulting in the formation of hematomas;
  • There will be pain, especially with pressure;
  • The finger will swell;
  • The skin is much reddened;
  • The mobility of the fingers will worsen;
  • On the skin there will be abrasions;
  • The damaged nail plates will blacken and peel off.

Injury of the joint of the finger: treatment and first aid

First aid for such injuries is as follows:

  • Immediately immobilize the phalanx and ensure immobilization. If possible, the finger should be fixed by pribintovav it to the next healthy joint.
  • It is necessary to apply cold to the damaged area.
  • If you do not just have a bruise, but also an open wound, then it should be treated with hydrogen peroxide, and then put on a bandage.

If you or someone from your close people has heavily bruised your finger, then after first aid it must necessarily be taken to the hospital and take a picture of the injured phalanx. Such a study will exclude a possible fracture, and the doctor will be able to proceed to conservative treatment. Typically, this therapy includes taking painkillers (oral or local), as well as vitamins and minerals. In the event that the resulting wound is crushed, it is treated with an ointment that contains an antibiotic. This will avoid further complications in the form of spread of infection. With minor bruises, which are accompanied by only a slight swelling and redness, doctors advise at home to use pharmacy ointments with anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to the use of such creams, the damaged area will soon heal and recover.

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