The drug "Dysport" - reviews, indications for use, the effect of injections

In addition to cosmetology, the drug "Dysport" is used in medicine for the treatment of spastic conditions of muscles of various nature, including those with cerebral palsy and caused by a stroke. It was first used in the early 80's. XX century in ophthalmology for the treatment of blepharospasm. Currently, this drug is widely used in cosmetology for smoothing wrinkles and eliminating excessive sweating. Places of injection are determined by the purpose of the remedy: these can be as mimic muscles of the forehead, nose, lips and eyes, and armpits, feet or palms. The cost of injecting the drug "Dysport" (reviews say its high efficiency) depends on the number of doses: so, when using it for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, it will be higher.

The use of the drug "Dysport" can be recommended with the appearance of the first deep wrinkles (usually at the age of thirty to thirty-five years). Like Botox, it blocks the contraction of small muscles, resulting in facial expressions becoming less active. As a result, the severity of deep wrinkles decreases to 70 percent, and fine wrinkles, including "crow's feet" around the eyes, disappear altogether. The choice of one or the other drug depends on the wishes of the patient and the one with which the cosmetologist works. They are produced in different ways, but they are identical means, the main difference of which is the manufacturer company.

There is, however, the opinion that the drug "Botox" is somewhat safer. At the same time, the action of the muscle relaxant "Disport" (reviews and characteristics of the drugs confirm this) persists for a longer period. At the same time, many cosmetologists believe that it is necessary to begin with the first, and to switch to the second only if the action is expressed insufficiently. This is due to the fact that if it is necessary to change the drug, after injections of the drug "Disport" (reviews describe such situations), the drug "Botox" may no longer work. However, the final choice is still for the patient.

To eliminate the expressed mimic wrinkles, any of these drugs is introduced into the interbrow area, the frontal muscle, the area near the outer corner of the eyes or the facial muscles of the lips. For each of these zones, the dose of the drug and the number of its administration points are clearly defined. The total dose of "Dysport" means in the event that several areas on the face are involved, should not exceed 200 units. In the treatment of hyperhidrosis, the drug "Dysport" (reviews emphasize its long and stable effect) is first injected into the axillary region at a dose of 100 units, 10 units at each of ten points. This dose is not always enough, and in the absence of effect it can be doubled. The effect of the drug first appears two to three days after the injections and becomes as pronounced in two weeks, and the effect from it is normally maintained for a period of three to six months.

As for contraindications, injections of botulinum toxin can not be made to pregnant and lactating women, during infectious diseases (especially if treatment is performed with antibiotics), with exacerbation of chronic ailments, as well as with increased sensitivity to the components of the drug. The drug "Dysport", contraindications to the use of which is well known, can cause an atypical individual reaction: a feeling of heaviness and tension in the jabs, puffiness of the eyelids, headaches. Unfortunately, these symptoms can be the result of using a substandard drug - with an expired shelf life or incorrectly stored. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, you should do the injections only in a clinic that has all the relevant certificates.

In addition, sometimes there are cases when the effect of injections is very weak or nonexistent. This may be due to the individual immunity of the body to botulinum toxin. To avoid such situations, it is necessary to refrain from taking antibacterial drugs for several days after injections. Dysport and alcohol are also poorly combined. Do not drink strong or low-alcohol drinks for at least 12 hours after the injections, but it is better to wait a longer time - two to three days, so that the effect has time to gain a foothold.

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