Sights Cheboksary: from history to modern times

On the bank of the Volga there is a surprisingly beautiful city of Cheboksary, which is the capital of Chuvashia. The large territory of the city is located on the right high coast of the Volga, in the Cheboksary reservoir area. It was formed during the construction of a hydroelectric power station, when some parts of the city were flooded. As a result, a bay appeared - the most beloved place of the urban population. The left bank is covered with a pine forest. This area of the city is mainly used for recreation. Two banks connect five bridges with each other. In addition, there are many interesting places. The sights of Cheboksary are cultural monuments, of which there are more than 90 names, 23 of them are of federal importance.

Cheboksary is one of the most comfortable cities in Russia. Driving through the city, you can not help noticing that it is spacious, bright and clean. Into the eyes rush wide avenues, clean sidewalks and neat new buses. The central part of the city is decorated in European style. Moscow Avenue separates the modern part of the city from the historical one. The first is situated among the hills around the bay. Sights Cheboksary in this part of the city include in its list the presidential palace, the building of the Supreme Court, outwardly resembling a theater. Supplement the list can be the building of the Chuvash Treasury, which hides under the green roof. The building of the Government House does not attract much attention. Even the fountains built in this part of the city have a strict shape and certain dimensions.

The sights of Cheboksary look quite different in the historical part of the city. There are all kinds of attractions, both for adults and for children, bars and cafes, tents with souvenirs. The main construction is the monument of the Mother Patroness. It is set on an ancient hill in the western part of the Cheboksary Gulf. The sculpture is made in the form of a woman in a national Chuvash suit with arms outstretched, this pose means embrace and blessing. The monument was discovered in 2003. Nearby is the Holy Trinity Monastery, founded in 1566.

Attractions Cheboksary in the historic part of the city can be supplemented with an equally interesting building - the Church of the Assumption. This is a tripartite temple, the construction of which was carried out for the money of the Moscow merchant Dryablova. Originally the complex consisted of a main building, a bell tower, a porch, a stone chapel and a number of office buildings. In 1930, all buildings were demolished. The only survivor was the bell tower and the main building, which was later converted into a museum of local lore.

But this is not all the buildings that Cheboksary is famous for. Attractions include in its list such a majestic structure as the Vvedensky Cathedral. This is the oldest church in Chuvashia, where the very first icon of the republic with the image of the Vladimir Mother of God is kept. In the cathedral and now you can see the unique frescoes. Another value of this structure is the iconostasis, dated 17-18 centuries. Among other interesting places of the city, you can note Victory Park, located in the highest part of the city. In addition, Cheboksary has many monumental monuments and museums that deserve attention.

If someone thinks that after reading about the city and its most interesting places, it can be considered sufficiently studied - he is deeply mistaken. No words can convey the true beauty of Cheboksary. The sights, the photos of which are presented, can not fully reflect the greatness and beauty that every tourist feels, being in close proximity to these unique structures.

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