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Actors of the film "Focus": Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro

The film "Focus", released in 2015, was shot by two directors and part-time writers (Glenn Fikkara and John Rekua) in the genre of a criminal tragicomedy. Today we will talk in detail about this wonderful movie.

For those who are interested. The main actors of the movie "Focus": Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro.

Business hinders love

The film was shot in the US and Argentina. He talks about the everyday life of a seasoned swindler, who fell in love with a beginner swindler. Soon the couple discovers that their business interferes with normal relationships, then the main adventures of the heroes begin.

Some actors of the film "Focus" selflessly approached the shooting. Someone rushed to audition across the ocean, losing luggage at the airport to just get on time. It happened with Margot Robbie, who still got the lead role. Later in the interview, she will tell that, perhaps, it was this story that helped her get into the picture.

Another actor in the movie "Focus", Will Smith, was late for audition, for which he received a scolding from his future partner.

By the way, the role that eventually got Will Smith, was originally intended for Ryan Gosling, but he could not take part in the shootings. The main female role was intended for Emma Stone, but she also dropped out of the project.

King of blockbusters

The actor of the movie "Focus" Will Smith is a real star. He starred in a number of Hollywood blockbusters, which brought him world fame and a lot of money.

He was also twice nominated for an Oscar and four times for the Golden Globe. As a result, Will Smith received a "Grammy", which probably was very pleased. He also enjoys hip-hop, has three children from two wives. Children also join in acting: Will Smith starred with them in two films.

The hero has a nose for running projects. In 2008, Forbes magazine recognized him as the highest-paid actor in the world.

Initially, Will Smith did not intend to become an actor, because his passion was rap and hip-hop, than he successfully did with his friend Jeff Townes. Their rap duo even got a Grammy. Later, a talented rapper was invited to the TV project "Prince of Beverly Hills," where he played for six years. His role was as if written off from himself, he even called himself the Prince.

Later, Smith's acting career began to develop gradually. The man received the main role in the "Bad Guys" (1995) - a low-budget insurgent who did not bring a special income. But then came the "Independence Day" (1996) and "People in Black" (1997), thanks to which Will Smith gained popularity around the world. He began to be invited to the high-budget projects, two more parts of the "Men in Black" came out and many more paintings with his participation.

At the moment Smith is a highly paid actor, and his participation in the film guarantees the success of the project.

Young star

Rising star Margo Robbie can not boast of such a huge filmography, as her partner in the film. She is still very young and has little experience. In the film "Focus" (2015) she managed to show herself well, film critics predict her great future.

Considering that the actress has already managed to star in two films that have collected millions of dollars at the box office this year, the words of critics should be taken literally. The films that made Margot famous - "The Suicide Squad" (2016) and "Tarzan. Legend "(2016), as well as the film" Focus "(2015), - showed the skill of the actress.

Margot Robbie is from Australia. There she started her acting career from filming in the television series. It is worth mentioning the small but vivid role of Margot in the movie "The Wolf from Wall Street," where she played along with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Now, Margot Robbie certainly will not have a release from the producers and directors who want to invite her to their project.

Brazilian contribution

Cast on the film Glenn Ficarra and John Requa was international: the actors of the film "Focus" come from all over the world. Most of them are not from the US.

For example, the performer of one of the central characters in the film "Focus" Rodrigo Santoro arrived from Brazil.

Despite the fact that Rodrigo Santoro successfully starred in Hollywood films, he lives in Rio de Janeiro and does not plan to move to the US.

In his youth, Rodrigo wanted to become an actor. For this he was transferred from the journalism faculty to the film school under the television channel, which produced serials. With these series, he began his journey into a big movie.

First, the man played in Latin American films. For example, he began to learn after the prominent role of the smoker of marijuana in the film "The Seven-headed Beast" (2001).

Several other films were played by an actor (one of his films was nominated for Golden Globe as Best Foreign Film), and then Rodrigo Santoro left for Hollywood. There he played in "Real Love" (2003), but became famous only after "300 Spartans".

Now he is often invited to the cinema, but the actor does not forget about other activities. For example, he is fond of charity. And the man loves the Doors group and reads Shakespeare.

International caste

By the way, another actor of the international caste of the film "Focus" - BD Wong. He was born in America, but has Chinese roots. A lot of films and serials, and also plays in the theater and has many awards. He even participated in performances on Broadway.

Bidy Wong is gay, he is not shy about it. The actor openly talks about his sexual preferences and calls everyone to it. Actively supports the movement for the rights of sexual minorities. With his boyfriend, BiDi Wong decided on paternity through surrogate motherhood. The couple had twins, but one died, so the actor and his civic husband are now raising one son.

At the beginning of his career, BiDi Wong was doing a lot on TV series. He played Ray Mukadu in "Prison Oz" (1997-2003), then there was "Law and order. Special Corps "(1999-2013) and many others.

At the moment the actor has built a successful career not only in the cinema, but also on the stage.

How to learn to scam?

Actors of the film "Focus" really laid out on the set of this interesting and unconventional story about the everyday life of swindlers and scammers. Margot Robbins and Will Smith had to learn the dexterity of pocket thieves from the real master of this business - the stuntman Apollo Robbins.

According to film critics, the film was quite successful, which means that lessons of fraud were quite useful to the performers of the main roles.

Fraud in fashion

The film "Focus" fell in taste to both viewers and film critics. Glenn Fikkara and John Rekua created a story that many liked. Who does not like adventures and adventures with a criminal plot, and even with elements of comedy?

Everyone is interested to watch how the masters of deception work, especially in the performance of such fine actors who lead the film. A lot of tricks, which are used by pocket thieves and scammers in the film, are the same as in real life. With the help of what you see in the film, you can protect yourself.

Enjoy watching!

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