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The recipe for happiness on the book of the same name by Elchin Safarli

The recipe for happiness ... rarely does anyone know the composition of this life dish. However, the popular writer and journalist Elchin Safarli could still write a whole book about this. There are several small stories about food from his personal life, and how the process of preparing various dishes can make a person the happiest.

According to the readers and admirers of Elchin Safarli, this collection of short essays is so positive that sometimes I want to take and cook something. After all, in our time, when people are satisfied every day only with various fast food, to see and immerse themselves in such incredible stories is very cool.

We prepare happiness by prescription

The most delicious dishes are prepared, which we cook together with our loved ones and the most native people. So Elchin Safarli argues that the recipe for happiness is to always love and be loved. One of his stories is dedicated to his girlfriend. Together with her, the writer created only the most delicious and delicate pastries.

Cupcake with dried apricots and raisins

"We once cooked this simple but incredibly delicious cupcake together. Even came up with an appropriate name for it - "Our". Its main ingredients are orange dried apricots and black raisins. And it's no accident, because she is a redhead, and I'm a brunette ... "- says one of the stories in the book" Recipes of Happiness "Safarli Elchin.

So, how exactly does a famous writer prepare such a batch? To do this, he uses the following products:

  • Butter - about 150 g;
  • Sand fine sugar - 1 glass faceted;
  • Vanillin - a couple of pinch marks;
  • Eggs large - 3 pcs .;
  • Sour cream or fresh milk - 1 large spoon;
  • Flour sifted - 1.5 cups;
  • Baking powder - dessert spoon;
  • Cinnamon ground - 3 small snots;
  • Black raisin large - a handful;
  • Sweet dried apricots orange - 7 pcs.

Preparation of the basis

The recipe for female happiness is a beloved and loving man, a home and children. This is the dream of all the fair sex. But this is not only the desire of women. After all, a strong half of humanity thinks about a happy and full-fledged family.

To prepare a delicious and tender cupcake according to the recipe of Safarli Elchin, it is necessary to soften the butter beforehand, and then add to it fine sugar, vanillin and whipped eggs. Mixing the ingredients well with a mixer, you should have a uniform and airy mass. To it, you need to put milk or sour cream, and then pour the baking powder, ground cinnamon and sifted flour. Finally, the batter needs to add parboiled black raisins, as well as finely chopped orange dried apricots.

Process of baking cake

After the dough for the home cake has been carefully mixed, Safarli Elchin recommends taking a special baking dish, oiling it with vegetable oil and lightly sprinkling with wheat flour. Next in the dishes should lay out the entire prepared base and place it in the oven, heated to about 180 degrees. After 60 minutes, the cake "Nash" will be completely ready. By the way, it is not recommended to remove it from the form in hot form. So you'll have to wait until the homemade cakes are a little cool.

Correct cake serving to the table

Recipe for happiness - everyone has their own, so every person in this dish of life will put their ingredients. But no one will argue with the fact that there is nothing more pleasant than "tea" together with your loved one or the whole family. Here Safarli Elchin asserts that the cupcake with dried fruits "Nash" he served to the table only when his close and dear people gathered for him. By the way, as an ornament such baking can be sprinkled with powdered sugar or covered with glaze from cocoa powder or chocolate.

According to the author of the book "Recipe for Happiness", he especially never liked to cook pastries. But to make a salad - it's a pleasure.

We prepare a paradise salad

To prepare such a simple dish, we will need:

  • Fillet of chicken - 300 g;
  • Spices aromatic, including salt fine - add to taste;
  • Milk - 120 ml;
  • Onion red - 2 heads;
  • Fresh tomatoes - 2 pcs .;
  • Eggplant small - 2 pcs .;
  • Vegetable oil - 95 ml.

Preparation of products

Chicken fillet should be washed, cleaned of skin and bones, and then cut into small pieces, sprinkled with spices and salt, pour the milk and leave in the refrigerator for 60 minutes. After this time, the meat needs to be fried in a frying pan using vegetable oil.

In addition to the breasts, it is necessary to treat the eggplant in a similar way. However, fry the circles of vegetables should be only after a fall in the wheat flour.

Forming a dish

After the products are thermally processed, in one bowl you need to mix the fried chicken fillet, eggplant, as well as the red onion cut into half rings and cubes of fresh tomato. Serve such a quick and delicious dish to the table is recommended in a warm state with dark or white bread.

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