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High blood pressure in men: causes, signs. What to do with increased blood pressure?

Everyone knows that it is men - this is a strong sex. Guys should protect and protect girls. However, they are just as vulnerable in terms of health as women. In this article I want to consider the main causes of high blood pressure in men, signs of this condition and ways to get rid of this problem.


By what indicators can you understand that a man has high blood pressure?

  1. Redness. This is because the blood vessels that are located close to the skin expand to activate blood flow. Most often, with high pressure, face and neck redden.
  2. Headaches, tinnitus, dizziness. Painful sensations in this case will be concentrated in the occipital and temporal region of the head. The nature of pain is pulsating.
  3. The visual acuity may decrease somewhat . Often there are flies before your eyes.
  4. A person may have shortness of breath, and sweating also increases.
  5. Often observed deterioration of memory, mental activity. A person is tired more quickly.
  6. The patient can become anxious, irritable.

These are the main indicators that may indicate that a man has high blood pressure.

Cause 1. Power

What causes high blood pressure in men? The reasons can be very diverse. However, most often this leads to improper nutrition. To avoid problems with blood pressure jumps, you need to give up excessive salt intake. After all, it is this food that increases the stress on blood vessels. Also pickles, smoked products, fast food, various mayonnaises, sauces, ketchups, cheeses and red caviar are very harmful. As a preventive measure, you will have to stop consuming such drinks as tea with lemon, fruit drinks, and dry fortified wines.

Cause 2. Harmful habits

What could be the cause of high blood pressure in men after 30 years? In this rather young age, the boys often have bad habits. Most often this is smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. It is not surprising that this way of life affects their health, especially at the work of the cardiovascular system. For example, during a hangover, when the body actively struggles with the products of the breakdown of alcohol, not only is the brain overloaded, but the condition of the vessels worsens. Tobacco smoke, which inhaled both active and passive smokers, also negatively affects the state of the cardiovascular system of the body of a man, destroying it. Owing to this, arterial pressure often rises. If we do not fight this, the jumps of the indicators will be observed with an enviable regularity.

Cause 3. Overweight

When else can high blood pressure occur in men? The reasons can hide in excess weight. To this conclusion scientists came. They say that if the waist of the stronger sex is more than 120 cm (this is the so-called abdominal obesity), then the person is at risk. Most often it is these people who are diagnosed with high blood pressure.

Cause 4. Diseases

The causes of high blood pressure in men after the age of 40 can be hidden in a variety of diseases that can affect other organs and systems. Most often, they include kidney disease - pyelonephritis, glomerulonephritis, urolithiasis. In this case, the patient is prescribed an analysis for the hormone aldosterone. It is he who is responsible for the normalization of the person's blood pressure.

Reason 5. Medications

The causes of high blood pressure in young men can also be associated with the use of certain medications. Such a state in this case is a side effect of their work. It can be funds from the common cold, colds, in some cases - sedatives. However, most often this leads to hormonal medication.

Other reasons

Why is there still high blood pressure in men? Causes may be somewhat different than described above.

  1. Stressful loads, constant emotional overstrain.
  2. Increase the level of adrenaline in the blood.
  3. Neglect of physical activity. Sedentary work can also lead to various problems with the vessels.
  4. Hormonal failures.
  5. Traumatization or inflammatory processes in the central nervous system.

Risk factors

Having considered the causes of high blood pressure in men, it should be said that there is a risk group, which includes representatives of the stronger sex, who are more prone to this problem than others. In this case, speech is most often about:

  1. Bad habits. If a person who abuses alcohol or smokes a lot, there are still no jumps in blood pressure, it is very likely that the problem will soon arise.
  2. Heredity. If a man in the family had people with such problems, it is quite possible that his similar pathologies are also affected.
  3. Age. If a man is already over 40, hypertension can be associated only with the age of the patient. After all, the vessels gradually grow old, which leads to pressure jumps.
  4. Production factors. It is proved that men who work in conditions of strong noises and vibrations suffer from high blood pressure more often. Also, this problem often appears in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Ways of normalization

Having understood what symptoms are accompanied by high blood pressure in men, the reasons for its occurrence, you need to talk about how to cope with this problem.

  1. Hiking. Walking helps the heart to get extra oxygen. So, you need to walk at least 30 minutes a day. It is recommended to gradually increase the pace of walking.
  2. Deep breathing also helps regulate blood pressure jumps.
  3. You need to eat potassium-rich foods. These are bananas, tomatoes, orange juice, potatoes, raisins, etc. Also, if possible, give up salt food.
  4. A good helper is black chocolate, because in its composition there are flavonoids, active substances that make the human vessels more elastic and flexible.
  5. It is also necessary to regulate the intake of certain drinks. Coffee is better to drink without caffeine (it raises blood pressure), it is recommended to consume herbal teas, juices.
  6. It is necessary to give the body a rest, respite. Especially it concerns those people who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Periodically, at least every half hour, you need to get up, do a little exercise, warm up. This improves blood flow and normalizes blood pressure.


Having examined the causes of high blood pressure in men at the age of 60, at 40, 30 and at a very young age, I also want to tell you about the ways in which you can help yourself. So, to normalize the pressure, you can use the following drugs:

  1. Adrenoblockers. Names of preparations: "Metoprolol", "Nebivalol", "Carvediol".
  2. Calcium channel antagonists that purify and dilate the vessels. These are such drugs as "Verapamil", "Nifecard".
  3. Inhibitors of synthetic elements - ACE. These are such drugs as "Fazinopril", "Hartil".

Sometimes doctors can prescribe diuretics together with these drugs (for example, Furosemide). However, before taking these medications, you should always consult a doctor. In fact only the expert can put the correct diagnosis and appoint adequate treatment. Self-medication can lead to irreversible consequences.

Possible complications

Need to say that to treat high blood pressure should be immediately after the appearance of the first symptoms. Otherwise, complications may occur. For example, a violation of normal blood circulation (including high blood pressure) often causes lameness. This condition also affects the functioning of the brain. Hypertension, which is not treated for a long time, is fraught with hemorrhages in the retina of the eye (as a result - impaired vision). In the most severe cases, this condition can lead to death.

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