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How to do a prostate massage

Before finding the answer to the question: "How to do a prostate massage?" - let's see what it's for. Prostate is one of the main sexual glands of a man who is responsible for producing mucus that is part of the ejaculate and contains a lot of vitamins, proteins and enzymes. Quite often prostate gland suffers from various diseases, in particular prostatitis and adenoma. To treat many diseases of the prostate and apply such a procedure as a massage that has a good therapeutic effect.

How to do a prostate massage? Only a doctor with relevant experience and knowledge, able to assess the condition of the body and perform the necessary manipulations. The technique of massage depends on the condition of the individual patient, takes into account its features.

Indications for a prostate massage:

  • Chronic prostatitis;
  • Violation of potency;
  • Atony of the prostate;
  • Infertility due to prostatitis.

Despite the obvious benefits of prostate massage, there are conditions in which it can not be used. These include:

  • Acute prostatitis ;
  • Prostate tumors;
  • adenoma;
  • Tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • Proctitis;
  • Retention of urine;
  • hemorrhoids.

How to do a prostate massage yourself? If you do not want to harm your body and aggravate the existing disease, then you can not perform a prostate massage yourself. After all, correctly assess the condition of this body can only an experienced physician at the inspection, as well as perform the necessary massage and prescribe the necessary treatment.

Of course, it happens that it is impossible to get qualified help. Then it is possible to perform procedures, the effect of which resembles a massage and does not require a qualified doctor, and which you can do yourself. These include hydro massage and exercise therapy.

Hydromassage of the prostate should be done a couple of hours before bedtime after enema cleansing the rectum. Then, using a pear, you need to put in the anus a chamomile broth at room temperature, about 400 ml. This is done fifteen minutes after the intestines are emptied. If you really want to use the toilet, then the amount of broth should be less, and if you do not want to, then you must add. This fluid should be held for at least half an hour. There are twelve such procedures.

It is very useful to walk on the stairs upwards, stepping over several steps. This helps to increase the tone of the prostate, improves the outflow of secretion, improves blood circulation and regulates stool.

How to do a prostate massage?

Have a urologist. The patient should take a knee-elbow position or lie on the right side with bent knees, pressed into the stomach. A prerequisite is a complete bladder, which ensures a more intimate contact of the finger with the prostate. The doctor puts on rubber gloves and applies Vaseline, a cream or an anesthetic gel on the index finger. Then he enters it into the anus, feeling for the organ. How to do a prostate massage? Usually start with the right lobe, because it is considered less sensitive. Massage each lobe separately, starting from the edge and heading toward the center. First, just stroke, and then make a figure eight and press on the central groove from top to bottom. Thus, secretion of the secretion of the prostate is stimulated. The intensity of exposure depends on the consistency of the prostate and the patient's reaction. There should be no painful sensations. Duration of manipulation does not exceed a minute. The indicator of the correctness of the massage is the appearance of a secret from the urethra. Massage is performed every other day, the number of necessary procedures is 12-15. To determine the frequency of massage sessions, you must take into account the sexual activity of the patient.

How to do a prostate massage? Regularly, until a positive effect is achieved.

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