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Decoration for an aquarium: the use of natural materials and the rules for their preparation

Aquarists give a lot of time to the appearance of their aquarium, creating for him unique designs from the most unusual materials. Making a decor by one's own hands is not difficult and does not require a lot of money, but it will provide enough pleasure and aesthetics. Decoration for the aquarium should be combined with the rest of the decor and the general background, so that the aquarium looks like an integral picture.

Creating a background in an aquarium

Optimal choice for the arrangement of a fish dwelling are the backgrounds of the underwater world or rocks. The background is created by decorating the back wall of the aquarium. You can decorate by painting the wall with subsequent patterning or using a PVC film that is glued to the glass.

With the help of such a film, you can create absolutely any background, you only need to think up or find on the Internet a suitable sketch and place an order in the printing house where the selected picture will be transferred to a self-adhesive film. Decoration for the aquarium with the help of this technology ensures the volume of the picture, which gives the impression of a natural ocean environment.

Creating small houses for fish

With the help of ordinary coconut shell, you can create original shelters for fish. If you make additional holes in it, then the decoration for the aquarium will look like bizarre caves.

It is quite easy to do this. In the coconut, three holes are made, through which coconut milk is extracted, then it must be cut and the flesh removed. To eliminate any microorganisms that can damage the inhabitants of the aquarium, the shell is boiled for 5-7 minutes, and then everything depends on the owner's imagination.

You can experiment with the layout of the shell and choose the best option, convenient and safe for fish. It will look beautiful, giving the aquarium an individuality.

Creating decor from wooden elements

For the aquarium, you can not use coniferous trees and oak trees, as these plants contain tar and tannins that disrupt the normal vitality of fish. After choosing a suitable hemp, it must be carefully cleaned of the bark and boiled in salted water. After that, the remnants of the bark are removed, holes are made and fired through which the fish can safely move.

Decoration for the aquarium should be fixed on the bottom with a special silicone or stones. This will ensure its permanent location. Before placing the grotto in the aquarium it is advisable to hold it for about a week in cold water, daily updating it.

Using stones in the decor

Stone is the most common material for decoration. Decorations for the aquarium with their own hands can take any shape and purpose. In any form used stones will look organic and effective.

Before placing in the aquarium stones are prepared - washed off from dirt and boiled in water for about 10 minutes. It is necessary to check whether an alkali that is capable of disturbing the chemical balance of water is emitted, for this, stones should be dripped with vinegar, if bubbles are released, it is forbidden to use such decor for the aquarium.

To make scenery in an aquarium it is possible from any improvised material, ceramic products, for example, pots or deep plates perfectly will approach for this purpose. However, it is very important to monitor the naturalness of such items and not to buy Chinese products for the aquarium.

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