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"Kamikaze" is a cocktail that you will like. Recipe, composition, variations

The culture of drinking is increasingly being promoted to the masses. Proponents of fun without serious consequences rasprobovali cocktails and managed to be seized by gourmets and connoisseurs of these drinks. Among their abundance is highly appreciated "Kamikaze" - a cocktail that does not match its name, since it has a rather mild effect and has a pleasant taste. To drink to them until the loss of the human form is rather difficult.

Legends of origin

There is no exact information about the creator of the drink. It is only known that by origin "Kamikaze" a Japanese cocktail and was first tested in a Tokyo bar at the very end of the Second World War or immediately after its completion. Named a drink in memory of the Japanese suicide bombers, who were in airplanes on the battering ram of American ships. Quite quickly, in the first post-war years, "Kamikaze" (cocktail) was rasprobovan Americans and Europeans and began a victorious procession around the world.

An alternative theory of cocktail appearance was suggested by the American barman Plotkin, who believes that the drink was "born" only in the 80s of the last century: the writer believes that this is one of the modifications of the ancient "Buravchik".

Classic "Kamikaze" (cocktail): recipe and cooking

The drink has a fairly simple composition and does not require special skills in cooking. In equal doses, 30 ml, vodka, lemon or lime juice and orange liqueur are combined . The most popular of the latest "Cointreau" and "Triple-sec". All components are placed in a shaker with ice, shaken and filtered into a martini glass through a strainer. As an ornament, a lemon slice is put on the edge of the glass.

Blue Kamikaze

People like to experiment with recipes for dishes and drinks. I did not escape this fate and the "Kamikaze" (cocktail). Its composition, while preserving certain components, was supplemented by others; In some cases, the components have changed, giving new tastes. At the same time, the overall flavor direction remains. So, if the orange liqueur is replaced with the "Blue Curacao", it will not be the usual one, but the "Blue Kamikaze". The cocktail gets a very beautiful, rich color, for which aesthetes love more than traditional. The juice in it is recommended exclusively lime; The approaches to cooking do not change.

Electric Kamikaze

In this version of "Kamikaze" are combined both kinds of liquors: both "Triple-sec", and "Curacao". Vodka and juice are still present; Of all ingredients is taken for 20 milliliters.

Kamikaze Light

During the experiments with the drink, the ladies were also not forgotten - for them a "girlish", light "Kamikaze" was developed. Cocktail includes classic ingredients, mixed traditionally, according to the first described recipe. However, after straining the base, this time into a tall wine glass, the cocktail is supplemented with lemon soda in a volume of 100 ml. The Sprite is usually added. The glass is decorated with a circle of lemon (you can - lime).

It is worth noting that "Kamikaze" can act as a shottrock, and as an ordinary shot, that is, without ice. It is also permissible to vary the ratios. Most often reduce sourness by reducing the dose of juice, and drinkers stronger introduce a double portion of vodka.

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