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Moscow is the main city of the Russian Federation. Every year millions of visitors come here from different Russian cities, as well as from foreign countries. In Moscow, a huge number of attractions, monuments, museums. And also there are many places where you can relax, have fun and have fun. Every day new clubs, cafes, restaurants and bars open here. There are institutions only for the elite public, and there are some who can afford to visit almost everything. One of these places will be discussed in this article.

19 Bar Atmosphere

In early 2015, two friends opened the place of the current bar cafe called "Golubka". But unfortunately, the project was unsuccessful and did not attract visitors at all. Then the entrepreneurs decided to close the establishment, terminate the contract with the leading partner and independently develop the concept of the new cafe.

At the heart of the next idea lay the slogan: "Create a place where you can have a tasty drink and a snack." Which turned out in practice.

The guys managed to realize their idea. стал достаточно популярным местом в столице, с понятной итальянской кухней, отличным баром, молодой и дерзкой командой, склонной к авантюрам и даже безумиям. Atmosphere has become quite a popular place in the capital, with an understandable Italian cuisine, an excellent bar, a young and daring team, prone to adventures and even madness.

About the institution

Bar Atmosphere на Покровке представляет собой интересное заведение, интерьер которого выполнен под руководством команды известных дизайнеров, авторов уникальных интерьеров «Понтона», «Титаника» и прочих крупных проектов. Bar 19 Bar Atmosphere on Pokrovka is an interesting institution, the interior of which is executed under the guidance of a team of famous designers, authors of unique interiors of Pontoon, Titanic and other large projects. The space was filled with air and light, decorated with aged mirrors, red brick, massive chandeliers and other objects of the Moscow capital loft, known to every Muscovite in combination with plasma panels and modern furniture. Each guest here is waited by serene atmosphere, author's cocktails and fabulous kitchen.

Two-level bar:

  • The ground floor covers an area of fifty square meters and is able to accommodate twenty visitors on its territory.
  • The upper level of 170 "squares" is designed for seventy guests.

There is a small dance floor for twenty people in the hall. On Fridays and Saturdays, entertaining and dancing programs are held in the bar, fashion DJs come and incendiary melodies are heard. Periodically, live broadcasts of tournaments and sports competitions.

The institution gladly organizes small wedding banquets (up to a hundred people) on its territory, holds stag parties and corporate parties. The banquet for any solemn occasion, held in the "19 Atmosphere", is sure to be remembered to you and all your guests for a long time.


Magnificent dishes of American, European, Italian and author's cuisine are all 19 Bar Atmosphere. The menu here is represented by a young chief who has an impressive work experience behind him. He cooks all the dishes from the heart. Among those who fell in love:

  • Homemade pasta.
  • Ceviche from Dorado.
  • Soup kachchukko.
  • Risotto with mushrooms.
  • Oysters.
  • Gazpacho with king crab.
  • "Ice" fish.
  • A lot of dishes from game (sausages from venison, cutlets from meat of wild boar).

All this and much more can be recommended unconditionally.


Bar counter in Bar Atmosphere (Pokrovka, 19) is run by the creative beauty, which the owners of the restaurant were lured from Carabas. Each of her cocktails is a story, and a bar chart is a book you want to reread again and again. From drinks here are offered various lemonades, home fruit drinks, RAF-coffee and author's cocktails. Judging by the opinions of many customers the most interesting:

  • Sauer Bindi (base - saffron gin and beet).
  • Gassoline (mix of apple liqueur, vodka and wheat distillate).
  • Colonial Hanuman (the base is rum, infused on curry sheets).

Contact Information

Bar Atmosphere на ходится в одном из самых красивых районов Москвы, на Покровке, в старинном доме 1901 года постройки. Gastronomic bar 19 Bar Atmosphere is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Moscow, on Pokrovka, in an old house built in 1901. His number is 19 (in place of the cafe "Golubka").

Before the institution you can reach the metro station: Chistye Prudy, Turgenevskaya, Sretensky Boulevard.

Tram routes - 39, 3, A.

Bus - T9, H3, T25.

The stops are Theater Sovremennik and Pokrovsky Gates.

Clients who came by private car, it is worth considering that the bar does not have its own parking and the car will have to be left at a paid parking lot.

Operating mode

Bar Atmosphere ра ботает без перерывов и выходных: 19 Bar Atmosphere works without breaks and days off:

  • From Sunday to Thursday, the bar takes visitors from 12 days to 12 nights.
  • On Friday and Saturday, it closes its doors after the departure of the last client.
  • Business lunch time: on weekdays from 12:00 to 16:00.

To reserve a table, you should contact the manager of the bar by phone on the Facebook page of the social network.

Additional Information

This should be sure to know:

  • "19 Bar Atmosphere" accepts guests who are already eighteen years old.
  • To get to the institution, you need to go through the dress code and face control.
  • The entrance to the bar is free.
  • On weekdays, the institution provides a 20% discount on all alcoholic cocktails.
  • Cash and credit cards are accepted for payment.
  • The bar has free Wi-Fi.

Reviews about the place

Bar Atmosphere . If you are looking for a place in Moscow, where you can spend an evening pleasantly and cheaply, then you definitely need to visit 19 Bar Atmosphere . об этом брутальном заведении в большинстве своем положительные. Reviews about this brutal institution are mostly positive. Customers who visited this bar are satisfied with almost everyone. According to local residents and guests of the Russian capital, "19 Bar Atmosphere" has in order to have a good rest and have fun in a friendly company.

There is a very pleasant atmosphere, kind staff, a fashionable interior reminiscent of the hall of the ancient feudal castle. The music is very interesting, some compositions are quite surprising, in a good way.

As for the kitchen, this is also good in the bar: excellent and fast serving, very tasty and varied dishes, excellent exclusive cocktails and a fairly humane price tag (the average check of the establishment is 1500 rubles). The restaurant is very fashionable and quite popular in Moscow and especially in Pokrovka.

In the evenings a pleasant audience and cultural people gather in the bar. Guests who held banquets here are also satisfied with first-class staff service and express gratitude to the entire bar team for the organized holiday.

In general, according to most, the bar is simply superb, cozy and very atmospheric. If you are a fan of new, unusual and exciting tastes, then definitely check into this place.

Bar Atmosphere его многочисленные гости, это создать сайт бара. The only thing that the owners of Bar Atmosphere advise its numerous guests is to create a bar site. In the conditions of modern and advanced life, it is necessary, as many visitors say, to do this.


If you, while walking along the Pokrovka, want to sit in a cozy place, where you can drink and eat deliciously, then you can go to Atmosphere without hesitation. This place, which judging by the reviews, makes you come back again and again. Here is a magical meal, supercoccupies, good music and a sane audience, and this is just what is needed for a good holiday.

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