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With what and how to drink liquor "Malibu"

Liqueur - a drink by origin overseas, but long ago, firmly and universally found its admirers. Produce it in different countries, including in the Caribbean. The island of Barbados is famous for its strong alcoholic beverages for more than 300 years. The main among them is rum. A few decades ago on its basis was invented a wonderful mix - liquor "Malibu".

Exotics in the bottle

Its fortress is small, the standard for this type of drinks is 21 degrees. It consists of white rum (rectified) and natural coconut filler. The smell is identical to the natural fruit. According to legend, the invention turned out quite by accident, like all the genius in this world. Just coconut dropped into a barrel of rum, there it was, and when they discovered and "novelty" tried it, it was unexpectedly pleasant taste. Thus, a new brand appeared - "Malibu".

Of course, this is just a beautiful story, which was invented for the entertainment of tourists. But anyway, and firm bottles of opaque glass of milk-opal color and with a label on which the sunset against a background of palms is represented, decorate bar counters of public drinking establishments and private collections. It is worth noting also this fact: with taste and aroma of tropical fruits, many exotic liquors are sold, but it is the "Malibu" that is considered the best!

Drinking culture

Rum is usually drunk pure, added to the tea or on its basis make a variety of cocktails. And how to drink liquor "Malibu"? In principle, it is possible as is, in a pristine, so to speak, form: from a bottle to a glass - and into the mouth. However, experts believe that the drink itself is not particularly interesting. But if you mix fruit juices with ice cubes to it, it will taste very good! This is the technology used by bartenders, serving the famous "Pina Colada" and "Batida Banana."

"Pina colada"

So, the first variant of how to drink liquor "Malibu" is to make a cocktail "Pina" from it. Ideally, real coconut milk is taken for the product. But it will be quite expensive. Therefore, they came up with a simpler and more accessible way, connected with how to drink liquor "Malibu". The drink itself is taken in a certain amount, as much white rum is added to it, more ice is put in the glass, and pineapple juice is poured on top. Everything, "Pina Colada" is ready!

"Batida Banana"

Another masterpiece of exotic drinks, adored by our tourists in the Caribbean, also demonstrates how to drink liquor "Malibu". In tall glasses, just mix it with banana juice, add a little coconut milk (canned) and ice. And in general, in addition to drinking, the product is a frequent component of many local dishes, and is also used as a wonderful fragrance in most varieties of cream ice cream, and not only in Eastern, but also Western European cuisine.

Varieties of products

Coconut "Malibu", as already mentioned, is considered the best liqueur of this series. After all, in the market of alcoholic beverages, in time, other varieties of it appeared: with mango extract, passion fruit, pineapple. Consume them in the same way as the main view. Usually liqueurs are poured into special small narrow glasses and drink in small sips. They serve uncooled, room temperature. You can treat them after a meal, as a dessert.

In this sense, what recommendations can be given about how to properly drink the liquor "Malibu"? To it succulent biscuits and muffins from short dough are served, ice cream and products from chocolate, including sweets and a cake are perfectly combined with it. Of the fruits that are also served to liqueurs, Malibu will make an excellent bouquet with citrus, grapes, pears and peaches.

Hot Drinks

And with what do they drink the coconut "Malibu"? Naturally, it makes mixes with "Cola", mineral soda, milk, tonic, various juices. Naturally, they belong to the category of lungs, cheer up and taste good. More killer are cocktails "Malibu" with whiskey and even with vodka, liqueur, cognac. The ratio of components depends on the preferences of the one who does them. Popular in nightclubs and bars were also such drinks as "Tropical Kiss", "Margarita Malibu" and others.

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