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How to cook mulled wine at home?

On a cold winter evening, when the snow falls outside the window, and the blizzard has replaced the roads, you are sitting in your cozy warm apartment with your loved one, you are watching a good kind film. A gentle romantic atmosphere, which can perfectly complement the hot, freshly cooked, fragrant mulled wine at home.

Anyone who has ever tried this magic drink, will want to try it again, and then there is an ineradicable desire to cook yourself mulled wine at home. Moreover, it is not so difficult.

Few people know that this drink came to us from the cold and severe Scandinavian countries, and it was also actively used in England and Germany. There, in the long cold winters, people were warmed by this drink, which, by the way, is called gluhende Wein. They used their wine, and spicy additives brought from the far east, where there is always heat.

The recipe for mulled wine began to develop in the Middle Ages, so it does not differ in its complexity. Consequently, it is not difficult to prepare mulled wine at home.

A classic recipe for mulled wine at home.

According to recipes that come to us from distant cold countries, wine for mulled wine must necessarily be red dry or semi-dry, although modern white wine is used in modern cooking . Here everything depends on your taste and desire.

For the classic version of the recipe mulled wine at home can be based on red wine such as Cahors or Cabernet. But the choice in any case depends on you.

In general, there is no definite recipe for mulled wine. Everyone has the right to add anything there, and, nevertheless, it will also be mulled wine.

There are two main ways of preparation: with water and without water.

If you use the recipe for mulled wine at home with water, you should remember that the amount of water should not exceed one glass (200 ml), otherwise the wine is too diluted. And if you use fresh fruit, especially oranges, then you need to add water even less, because the orange juice will also dilute the taste of wine. And it will be better when using fresh fruit in the recipe, do not add water at all.

So, if you decide to cook mulled wine at home without water, then you need to pour wine into the pan and put various fruits (apples, pears, kiwi, oranges, grapes, etc.) in it, cut into small cubes. If there are citrus fruits among the fruits, you need to squeeze them lightly to get a few drops of juice and mix them with wine. You can also use different berries, it all depends on what is available at home and from the time of year.

And most importantly, without which this drink will not be called mulled wine, it's spicy spices, the most different that you'll find in your city.

Just want to warn: do not buy spices pre-ground and mixed in sachets, supposedly specifically for mulled wine. First, the spices are so finely chopped that you simply can not drain them from the liquid, and secondly, if you buy them whole and separately, you can dose and mix them as you please. Here the field for your imagination is not limited. You can try different combinations of fruits and spices, change the wine, add water, or, conversely, try without water. So you can create your own favorite mulled wine recipe.

Spices, which are usually used in the preparation of mulled wine: cloves, cinnamon (melted or in sticks), nutmeg, sweet pepper, ginger, bay leaves, almonds, cardamom etc.

It should be said that you can use not only grape wine, but also plum or other fruit.

Also, in some cases, according to your taste, you can add a little bit of other alcohol to the mulled wine, for example, rum, liquor, whiskey, etc.

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