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How to cook stuffed peppers

Many people like stuffed peppers. And all because he is delicious, beautiful, fast and easy to prepare a dish. For the preparation of this wonderful dish, you can use absolutely any kind of Bulgarian pepper. It is better to use medium-sized pepper, fresh and without damage.

Many people throw out the tops of the vegetable when cooking, but this should not be done. They can be of use to us. Thanks to such "hats" the filling will be more juicy and the aroma of pepper will soak it.

The choice of the filling is also great: meat, mushrooms, rice, etc. In one you can be sure exactly: whatever stuffing, and whatever pepper you take, still you will get a beautiful and tasty dish. If you do not know how to make stuffed peppers, here are some wonderful recipes.

Peppers stuffed with minced meat

Pepper to wash, remove the tops, cleanse the seeds and rinse again. Cut through 2 parts. Brew a few minutes. Then take out, cool, fill halves with minced meat.

Minced meat from the calculation: 100 gr. Beef and 100 gr. Pork. Beef and fat pork cleaned of films, rinsed, skipped several times through a meat grinder along with 1-2 heads of onions (to taste). Add one raw egg, 2 tbsp. L. Non-corrosive water, spices to taste. Mix.

Prepared in this way halves of pepper put on a baking sheet, oiled or greased, pour sour cream. Stew in the oven for half an hour. On the table, serve with hot sauce.

Stuffed pepper with cheese

On how to prepare a stuffed pepper with cheese, will tell the following recipe.

Pepper must be rinsed and cleaned of seeds. Then cut off one edge, and save the hats. Boil the peppers in boiling water for a few minutes. Cool down.

Take 250 grams of meat fillets. Meat grind with a knife or scroll through a meat grinder. 2 cups of rice cook, chill and add to ground meat. Cut the onions into a bowl, fry in oil and mix with minced meat. Salt and pepper add to taste. Fill the filling with pepper.

Filled pepper should be put in a pre-cooked container, then sprinkle with grated cheese. Then place for 30 minutes. In the oven.

Ready to serve pepper on the table, decorated with greens.

Pepper stuffed with original.

Pepper is prepared, as in the previous recipe. Cut the "cap", minced meat is prepared from beef or pork.

Boil the meat until cooked, if there are pits to separate, grind it in a meat grinder. The onion head must be finely chopped and fried. Do not remove the onion from the frying pan, there also add a little flour, a little broth, salt, pepper. Stir while stewing until cooked. The resulting sauce is mixed with minced meat. Add spices and dill greens to taste.

Fill the pepper in a saucepan, cover with "caps", add a few tablespoons of oil, tomato paste and simmer under the lid for half an hour. Serve on the table with sour cream.

Pepper stuffed with mushrooms

Not only peppers can be stuffed with minced meat. You can use mushrooms as a filling. It is best to use champignons, but you can use them in other ways.

How to make stuffed peppers with mushrooms, will tell the following recipe.

For stuffing will need 300-400 gr. Mushrooms, carrots, onions, greens.

Preparing the pepper. Cut off the edge, clean, rinse and cook.

In a frying pan fry mushrooms, with the addition of vegetable oil. Then we put finely chopped onions, grated carrots, salt, pepper. Stir and stew until cooked. Peppers need to be filled with a cooled vegetable and mushroom mass. Next, put in a deep dish, pour sour cream sauce and stew for about a quarter of an hour. Before serving, water the dish with a sauce of mushroom broth, cream, spices and herbs, which must be extinguished on low heat for 20 minutes.

Now you know how to make stuffed peppers. Surprise loved ones and guests with delicious dishes. Bon Appetit.

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