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It is useful to know: how to treat an ingrown nail in the home

Following the fashion trends, there is no time to think about the influence that narrow narrow shoes or synthetic fabrics have on health. Often this leads to the occurrence of fungal infections or pathologies of the nail plates. To such troubles is also an ingrown nail, which not only looks unaesthetic, but also causes serious discomfort. Therefore, the question of how to treat an ingrown nail in the home is always topical. Moreover, there are several ways to solve the problem without surgical intervention.

Ingrown nail: folk remedies for his treatment

The causes of pathology of the nail plate are most often fungal infections that destroy it. This changes the direction of its growth. In such cases, you will certainly need to treat the fungus after removing the ingrown portion of the nail. Wearing narrow and tight shoes, heredity and unprofessional pedicure also lead to deformation of the nail plate and a change in the direction of its growth. But whatever situations lead to this phenomenon, it is necessary to start acting as soon as possible. So, how to treat an ingrown nail at home?

Treatment is carried out depending on the stage of the disease. At first, ingrown nails do not cause any special discomfort. However, an abscess and a purulent lesion of soft tissues located around the problem zone can form very quickly. Therefore, start the procedures immediately, since neglected forms require serious and prolonged treatment with the use of antibiotics. There is a simple but effective remedy for ingrown nails.

For the beginning of a leg or foot it is necessary to steam out in a bath. For five liters of hot water, put salt, iodine and soda in the proportions of 4: 1: 2 tablespoons, respectively. Keep in the foot solution until the water cools completely. The use of such a composition for the bath will not only soften the nail and tissue, but also disinfect the wound, and after the bath the pain will subside.

Next, we need glycerin oil (you can replace it with creamy oil). The softened nail should be carefully raised in the place where it has grown, and put under it a small cotton flagellum, richly impregnated with oil. On top of the nail plate, also make an application of oil, wrap all this with cellophane and leave it overnight. Carry out procedures until the full restoration of the nail plate. Remember this simple recipe, and then you will know how to treat an ingrown nail in the home.

You can go another way to fix the problem. After the bath, gently stitch the nail parallel to the border of ingrowth, until it opens with a book. Apply the applique to the oil daily until the ingrown portion of the nail comes out of the soft tissue itself.

In order that you no longer have a question, how to treat an ingrown nail in the home, conduct preventive measures. This timely treatment of various infections of feet and nails, compliance with hygiene rules, wearing comfortable shoes and hosiery made of natural fabrics. Do pedicure only with specialists!

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