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Knothide skin is the path to gold

In the world of WOW, there are many different professions for characters: blacksmithing, enchantment, leatherworking and some others. Teachers of any profession can be found in cities. Usually professions are studied and mastered in pairs. For example, mining is very well combined with blacksmithing and jewelry. In WOW, leatherworking is perfectly combined with the removal of skins.

Winning wild animals and having the skill of "skinning", you collect a lot of skin during the game. Now you have several options for how you can dispose of it: you can sell it at auction or use it to create things with the help of the "leatherworking" skill. "Skinning" is an incredibly useful skill if you want to earn more gold. For example, knotty skin is in high demand, but due to the unpopularity of the skill, it is always small, which, again, only increases demand and prices.

Hyde "skinning" (1-600). Basic Provisions

1. Animals of 1-9 levels do not have requirements to the value of the skill, that is, you can skin them, just starting to pumping "skinning."

2. Animals 10+ levels already have requirements for the value of the skill. The formula that will help you understand if you can brush a beast is very simple: "animal level = skill level / 5". That is, having skill 60, according to the formula you can sand the animal level 12. Or you can remove the skin from an animal level 34, having a skill of 170.

3. Knife to remove skins gives you +10 to the skill. Also there are some other items that enhance the skill. For example, special gloves.

4. You can sandstone: animals, dragons and some humanoids (yeti).

5. In order to remove the skin from the target, it is necessary to "clean it", that is, take all the prey from it.

Where better to develop the skill of "skinning"

The skill level is 1-75. Any location of the entry level will fit to begin to pump this profession. For the alliance, a good place will be the Alvinsky forest and its wild boars and wolves, which are found in these parts in a fair amount. For the horde this place will be Durotar, full of scorpions.

Skill level is 76-300. As you pour, you will meet many animals that you can refresh. The main thing is not to forget to remove the skin from the defeated beasts. At this stage, you will get many different types of skin and can sell it or use it to improve the skill of "leatherworking".

The skill level is 300-350. At this stage, you will remove the skins from animals in Outland. There are new types of skin: knotty skin, crystalline scales, feces, squirrel and some others. The ideal place for the development of the skill is Nagrand. The rule for calculating the skill remains the same: "animal level = skill level / 5".

Skill level is 350-450. Northrend is inhabited by giant herds of mammoths, deer, wild horses and other livestock, from which it is possible to skin. While you are pumping a character in Northrend, you will collect a mountain of skin. A great place is the Sholozar Basin.

Skill level is 400-500. Of all the locations of the cataclysm, the ideal place for the extraction of skin can be called Podemje. There are quite a few animals in the small area.

The skill level is 500-600. The easiest stage, since in Pandaria there are incredibly many animals that you will have to face. Exotic skin will be extracted in huge quantities, and gold - flowing river.

Selling collected leather, you can earn more than one thousand gold. Having the skill of "leatherworking", you can also sew the skin and create more perfect types, such as thick knobby skin and gorgeous skin. Leatherworking and skins are an excellent choice for both beginners and experienced players. And it does not matter whether you need knotty skin for sale, whether you want to collect a little thick skin for yourself or help a friend with the collection of Borean skin, skinning will always be an interesting and profitable business.

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