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What is sherry? Types of sherry

Spanish fortified wine, which is called sherry, is a unique drink. It is perfectly combined with meat dishes and is able to become the king of a festive feast. From this article you will learn what sherry is and how to use it properly.

History of the origin of sherry

The history of the origin of this drink originated in 1000 BC, when the Phoenicians, as the most famous winemakers in the world, conquered the territory of modern Spain. Favorable climatic conditions allowed them to grow rich grapes, which, after fermentation, gave a strong flavor of sherry wine, different from other varieties of wines. Spain in the Middle Ages supplied this sort of wine to the Irish and English, who gave it its name - Sherry. Do not confuse it with a drink based on cherry cherry syrup.

After millennia, the technology of sherry production has been preserved. At the moment, the original sherry is produced only in the territory of Spain in the city of Andalusia and in the Crimea at the plant "Massandra", where the weather conditions and production technology are optimally combined, allowing to grow a special grape variety.

On the question of what sherry is, you can answer this: it is a very strong wine with a low sugar content, a very specific bitter taste and vanilla flavor. Such a contradictory combination made it possible to make this drink one of the most popular varieties of wines in the world.

Useful properties of sherry

Scientists from around the world claim that the Spanish sherry is as good for health as the traditional red wines. This is proved by the composition of the wine, which includes strong antioxidants, polyphenols. It is this component that protects the body from free radicals, which, as is known, damage the biological structure and molecules of human DNA.

Geneticists have found that free radicals are the main source of health problems in old age. Therefore, the intake of polyphenols in the body can prevent diseases such as diabetes, immune system disorders, hypertension, arthritis and even oncological ailments. Therefore, if you know what sherry is and what useful properties it possesses, then you can use this wine as a remedy. Of course, this does not mean that red wines and sherry can be abused. Everything should be in moderation, and a doctor's consultation will avoid complications.

Process of production of sherry

On the question of what sherry is, you can only answer with accuracy after studying the technological process of its production. A distinctive feature of sherry from ordinary red wines is a special technology of fermentation. The grape must is placed in a wooden barrel, after which a film forms on the surface. Such a film is called sherry yeast or a fleece, and it preserves the future wine from oxidation.

After full sherry ripening, which takes from 1.5 to 4 years, the grape must is laid out on straw mats for drying. The dried up grapes are wrung out and continue to wander in stainless steel tanks . This technology gives the sherry a special fortified taste, which distinguishes it from other varieties of wine.

Types of sherry

The sherry wines are divided into two types after fermentation, depending on the consistency of the sherry yeast. The first type is called Fino, this is a real sherry fortress of 20%. The second type, called Oloroso, requires more aging with the addition of alcohol. The basis of Oloroso is used for making other varieties of wine.

The main types of this drink are: Manzanilla, Amontilliado, Pale Cream, Palo Cortado and Pedro Ximenes. These varieties of sherry wine differ among themselves in strength, sugar content and aging time. The most famous and sold species is Fino, which has a dry, strong taste. Palo Cordato is considered to be the rarest and most complex in production, because it takes a long exposure time under the fleur.

Each type of sherry has its fans among connoisseurs of collectible vintage wines due to its rich taste qualities. It is not possible to say unambiguously which variety is the best, since the choice depends only on personal preferences.

Crimean sherry

It is known that the climatic conditions in the Crimea are very similar to those in Spain. When the whole world learned what sherry is, it began to be produced at the Massandra winery in the homonymous settlement. At the same time, the technology of the beverage production is completely identical with the Spanish analogue.

Vintage strong wine is produced in the Crimea since 1944. Sherry "Massandra" has delicate notes of fried nuts, bitter almonds and vanilla. Specialists and connoisseurs note that the taste and quality of Crimean wine is not inferior to the Spanish drink.

Famous for the whole world sherry "Massandra" is perfectly combined with light snacks. For example, olives, cheese or vegetable salads. Doctors recommend Crimean sherry as a remedy for hypothermia and raising the immunity. Price for a bottle of Crimean collection wine varies from 400 to 500 rubles in different regions of Russia.

How to drink sherry?

The tradition of using sherry lasts for millennia. During this time, almost nothing has changed, except for dining etiquette. Traditional sherry is not recommended for bottling on painted glasses, because then you will not be able to enjoy the rich color of wine. It is better to use traditional tulip-shaped glasses made of transparent glass.

Sherry, like any wine, needs to be cooled before serving. The optimum temperature is 5-10 degrees. Warm wine will probably resemble vinegar, rather than a "drink of the gods." In addition, do not rush. Like any wine, sherry does not like excessive haste. Therefore, use it must be measured, in small sips, stretching pleasure. This will reveal the unique taste of the oldest drink in the history of mankind.

Also, sherry is used as a component for various kinds of cocktails based on vodka, rum or gin. Therefore, if you know what sherry is and how to use it correctly, you can create a delicious mix that will complement the orange or greigrut syrup.

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