To help a young mother: 'Plantex', instructions for use

When my daughter became disturbed by colic, we tried many drugs that helped the baby survive this difficult period. As the doctor explained to us, colic is not a disease, but a period of "growing up" of the body. When a baby is born, the stomach is not able to take and process food, it must learn it. While the learning process takes place, the child will suffer from pains in the stomach, gases that accumulate in the tummy, constipation, etc. One thing was good: sooner or later it would end, but for now it was necessary to provide the baby with all possible assistance.

Having tried Baby-nose, Bobotik, Espumizan and some other medicines, we stopped at the Plantex preparation. He really helped us, and so for a long time he did not leave the first aid kit. Many of my friends did not say very well about this drug, but from my own experience I was convinced that all the children are completely different, and that which suits one will not necessarily be as effective for another.

So, Plantex. Instruction for use is in each package, moreover, the necessary data are contained on each bag (the drug is released in the form of bags with granules for the preparation of medicinal tea). This is very convenient, because you can not buy all the packaging, but a few packets (however, if the child is daily worried about colic, a couple of pieces will not be enough). Shelf life is two years, it is stored in a dark room, the temperature of which should not exceed 25 degrees.

"Plantex." Instructions for use: indications

This is a herbal preparation, which is created on the basis of fennel. Fennel is able to stimulate the process of digestion, increasing the secretion of gastric juice and strengthening the intestinal peristalsis.

"Plantex" is recommended for:

  • Bloating;
  • Colic;
  • Flatulence;
  • At the moment of the child's transition from breastfeeding to other types of nutrition.

With the help of the planktek, food is more quickly processed, split and absorbed.

Due to the components of the drug, gases begin to depart, and with them disappears and painful pain in the tummy of the baby.

What does the PLANTEX consist of? The composition of each sachet (5 grams) is the same: extract of fennel fruits (2.75 g), fennel fragrance (0.015 g) with essential oil (16%), lactose (2.235 g) and glucose (2.5 g).

Thanks to its components, the plaintix removes painful symptoms, stimulates the work of the stomach and has a gentle antimicrobial effect.

How to take Platex?   You can give the baby a plankte already from two weeks. To do this, the contents of one sachet should be poured into a bottle, add 100 milliliters of fresh boiled water (milk) and shake until the granules completely dissolve. Then cool the drink to an acceptable temperature and give the baby. At first, my daughter refused to drink (she was breastfeeding and refused to take the bottle). But then literally pounced on a bottle with a planktex, rather smacking his lips.

Children older than a year should drink in a cup (1-2 bags per 100-150 ml of fresh boiled water). You do not need to add sugar. Children up to one year can give one or two bags per day, drink a drink in several receptions. From year to four - two or three bags a day in three divided doses. Drink should be given to children between meals.

Use only for children.

"Plantex." Instructions for use: contraindications

Like any medicine, "Plantex" should be appointed by a doctor. The main reasons why it should not be used are the high sensitivity of the organism to the components of the drug, lactose deficiency, galactosemia, the syndrome of impaired glucose uptake.

"Plantex." Directions for use: side effects

In extremely rare cases, there is a side effect of the drug in the form of allergic rashes.

Any mother worries about her baby, and it's hard to hold back when a child is endlessly tormented and crying. Therefore, if possible, you need to minimize the number of reasons that cause the baby to suffer. In the case of gastric colic, one should adhere to a diet, make a circular tummy massage for the child, apply it correctly to the breast (bottle) and use "magic" remedies (in our case it is a plattex).

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