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The recipe: "Kolomok Belomorsky". Home-made sweet potatoes

Remember, earlier, when we were young, often an incredibly tasty, amazing aroma spread throughout the house, calling everyone for dinner. Cottage cheese balls often stayed on our tables, and we quickly ran to the kitchen to taste this delicacy. Let's go back to childhood and restore in memory the recipe "Kolobok", prepared from home cottage cheese. We will make this dish and we will please them home and, of course, ourselves.

general information

Dough for such balls is prepared from flour, cottage cheese, sugar and eggs. If you pick up high-quality products, it will turn out to be supple and soft. In order that the cottage cheese mass in the process of forming the balls does not stick to your hands, you can grease them with oil (a small amount). Remembered the recipe "Kolobok"? What it is necessary to do, so that the cottage cheese handsome men do not crack outside and get well baked? For this purpose it is recommended to use a deep-frying pan or deep fryer for frying. To prevent baking from getting burned over the top, do not make a big fire. Balls fry until golden brown, in pieces. After cooking, sprinkle with powdered sugar and serve on the table with your favorite jam.

For you: the recipe "Curd koloboks"

It will take: 0,5 kg of cottage cheese, four tablespoons of flour, one egg, half a teaspoon of soda, two tablespoons of sugar, for roasting - vegetable oil. Now the cooking itself. Through a sieve we rub cottage cheese, we add sugar, eggs and mix it. Pour in the flour, add soda and mix the dough with your hands. We form from it koloboks with a diameter of approximately 3-4 centimeters. On high heat, in a scoop, we warm vegetable oil, then reduce to medium heat and lay out our workpieces. Quantity - as much as fit in the bucket. Balls will turn themselves in oil, this process is not necessary to interfere. When they reach a golden color, we take it out and send it to a paper towel. After they fried all the koloboks, and they got rid of the excess oil, we put them on a dish. The task is completed - recipe "Kolobok" restored. To eat gentle and air curd balls it is possible both hot, and cold - they in any case will be magnificent.

Preparation of "White-breasted Koloboks"

In different regions of the country there are also a variety of options for cooking your favorite dish. In the northern kitchen it is - without cottage cheese, but baked in the oven. The following ingredients are needed: 0.6 kg of wheat flour, 0.3 kg of sour cream and margarine, a quarter of a teaspoon of salt and one tablespoon of vegetable oil. Now we will prepare "Belomorskie koloboks", the recipe of which is very simple. From wheat flour, sour cream, margarine, soda and salt we mix the dough. We knead it well and form balls with a diameter of 2-3 cm. We grease the baking sheet with vegetable oil, we spread on it koloboks and send it for 45 minutes to the oven, the temperature in which should be 180 degrees. Done.

Cottage cheese balls in deep-fried

Since cottage cheese should be present in the diet of each person, there are many ways to prepare meals from it. Often the balls of curd are deep-fried. This dish is a prototype of "bursak" - Turkic food. Necessary ingredients: 0,25 kg of cottage cheese, one chicken egg, a pinch of salt, sugar - four tablespoons, soda-dried - a quarter of a teaspoon. We learn a new recipe - "Kolobok in deep fat". Mix all the above ingredients, add one glass of sifted flour to them and knead the dough. It must necessarily turn out soft, so that the balls can easily roll down. In this case, they will be well cared for. We form small balls with a diameter of up to two centimeters, we drop them, if desired, in semolina and fry in the deep fryer for about seven minutes, until a beautiful golden crust is formed. Fry in small portions, as they significantly increase in volume. We spread, to get rid of excess fat, on a napkin. We have a wonderful dessert, including for children. If you add greens and reduce the amount of sugar, you will get an excellent snack.

Cottage cheese balls with garlic

And now we will prepare "Kolobki home" (a recipe with garlic). We make a real delicious snack, which will perfectly match with any drinks. For her, we need: cottage cheese - one kilogram, butter - 300 grams, dill fresh - 100 grams, garlic - eight denticles, turmeric - one tablespoon, one beet of medium size and to taste - salt. We prepare a snack. To eliminate the grain, grind the cottage cheese through a strainer, as a result of which the dish will melt in the mouth. At room temperature, soften the butter, salt it and add it to the cottage cheese. We pass garlic through garlic and carefully mix it with the curd mass. Rinse and finely chop the dill. You can also use parsley, basil or coriander, finely chopping them. We clean the beets, finely rubbing them, squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth. We divide the curd mass into three parts. In one we put turmeric, in the second - greens, in the third - juice of beet. Stir all the parts. We roll colored balls. Periodically wet the hands with cold water so that the mass does not stick to them. Finished koloboks are laid on a flat dish and sent for four hours in the refrigerator - for freezing. Bon Appetit!

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