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"Belarus" (moonshine): characteristics and reviews

The preparation of alcoholic beverages at home is a rather complex process, which requires the availability of appropriate equipment and the correct formulation. Only in this way can you get a quality and safe product. Therefore, many people who want to produce such products on their own are looking for aggregates that are easy to handle, do not require special knowledge and processes, and also have a small value. Considering this, many people choose devices of the "Belarus" type.

Self-made devices of this model are just perfect for beginners who want to get their product with minimal effort of their own, without delving into the fineness of the workmanship.


What is included with the unit of the brand "Belarus"? Self-made vehicles of this model usually have a standard supply, typical of such products:

  • A container for distillation, often called a cube. Its volume is 12 liters.
  • The dry-fleet. This product is intended for cleaning the final product.
  • Cooler.
  • Two food hoses that connect to the water supply.
  • An alcoholometer.
  • Instruction manual with warranty card.
  • Book of recipes.

Design Features

Let us consider in detail this moonshine apparatus (the manufacturer of Belarus, namely, OOO BEL METAL INSTRUMENT). At the same time, this product has a corresponding certificate and a guarantee obligation for a period of five years.

The device is made of high-quality steel 2 mm thick. Very many experts believe that this is the most optimal parameter, since if the sheets are used less, the brag will start to burn, and with increasing thickness, the cost also rises.

The cooling system is made on the basis of a spiral, which is made of a pipe with a diameter of one meter. This design is recognized as optimal for working at home using water from the water supply.

Principle of operation

It should be noted right away that "Belarus" is the moonshine machines of the simplest principle of action. Even the beginner can cope with their exploitation, since you do not need to control a lot of additional elements or perform unnecessary manipulations.

Taking the device out of the box, it should first be thoroughly rinsed and even boiled. After that you can start working. First of all, put the brew, which should completely process the sugar. This process is better controlled by a special device, although novice moonshiners rely on the national method of determining readiness, based on the absence of gas evolution and taste.

Braga is poured into the container of the apparatus, which is put on the fire. At the same time, close the cover of the device, tightly tightening it with the help of clamping devices. When the temperature of the liquid reaches 90 degrees, which is controlled by the appropriate device on the body of the unit, the distillation process will begin. The vapors of alcohol will fall into the system and pass first through a dry cell. Fusel oils and other harmful elements are deposited in it. Then the steam enters the cooler. By this time, it must be connected with hoses to the water supply system. It is thanks to it that the cooling of the vapors occurs, which turn into a liquid and leave the unit.

It is worth noting that it is very important to choose the right recipe and the appropriate technical process for making a quality drink. That's why a special instruction is attached to the device, where the necessary proportions and modes are described.


  • The original "Belarus Suite" is the moonshine, the reviews about which are left mostly by beginners. Therefore, among its main advantages is the ease of use.
  • Very good assembly and high-quality metal. It does not react with fermentation products and does not release harmful substances when heated.
  • A universal product capable of delivering a quality product at home even if there is no special education or practice for the user.
  • Warranty.
  • A good set of delivery, which almost completely satisfies the modern moonshiner, who is just beginning to master this craft.
  • The capacity of the device has a fairly wide neck, which makes it easy to wash it after use.


  • First of all, it should be noted that the moonshine "Belarus Lux" has a dry cell, which only carries out the purification of the product. Give it a certain taste or smell will not work.
  • A bimetallic thermometer fixed to the vessel produces an indication with a large error.
  • A capacity of 12 liters is considered too small. Therefore, experts recommend that even the novice masters acquire the self-made device "Belarus" (20 liters).
  • This product is not suitable for induction cookers.
  • The absence of a special nozzle on the water tap makes it difficult to use the unit.
  • The device is built-in. This makes the design more cumbersome and complicates its subsequent cleaning. Also, such a technical solution does not make it possible to disable this element, making its own changes to the project.

User Reviews

The self-published device "Belarus" reviews are positive. This is due to the fact that this device is intended for novice users and has a small cost. Simplicity of the design allows you to start working immediately after removing from the box. Very good quality and availability of the guarantee was also noted by many moonshiners. The thickness of steel, the smoothness of the seams and the reliability of the clamps are at a fairly high level. The design is quite airtight, and when used, there is practically no unpleasant odor peculiar to the brewing process.

Recommendations of specialists

  • It is best to buy a professional home-made device "Belarus luxury". Its cost is slightly higher, but also the quality of production is at a decent level. However, it has some design solutions that are not available in other models.
  • Recently, in the markets began to appear all kinds of fakes for such products. They do not have the same quality and are often made of metal found in a landfill. Recognize such products by the quality of welds or wall thickness. However, it is much easier to make an order directly from the manufacturer, which completely excludes the possibility of getting a fake.
  • Before you start working with the new unit, it should be washed and even boiled. When manufacturing or transporting it, certain components that could affect the final quality of the product could fall on it.
  • This unit is supplied complete with a special gasket, the purpose of which is to seal the connection of the lid and the container during assembly. However, it is important to remember that with constant heating and prolonged use, such products quickly fail. Therefore, it is worthwhile to purchase spare parts in advance so as not to be caught unawares.
  • When using this design, it is advisable to purify the bregs with bentonite. So dry elements in it will not burn on the bottom of the container, and the probability of their getting into the final product will decrease. At the same time, the taste of the drink will improve significantly, which is very important when using a closed dry cell.
  • The quality of the final product depends directly on the ingredients used and the correct formulation. Therefore, it should be remembered that the availability of a ready-made device does not make you an expert. First of all, you need to take care of the safety of the drink and only then about its taste. Do not violate the rules of distillation or add to the product components that can harm the body.

A warning

Before you buy the home-brewed device "Belarus", you should first examine the legislation in your region that regulates the domestic production of alcoholic beverages. The fact is that many countries for such activities provide for administrative and even criminal liability.

It is also important to remember that if a process is disrupted, you can get the final product that can not be consumed. This can lead to poisoning or serious damage to health.


It's time to take stock of the review of the Belarus brand. The self-made devices of this model are quite practical and easy to use. They are of little value and do not require the user to have specific knowledge or skills. However, the design can not boast of good technical solutions that are characteristic of other similar products. At the same time such a device is great for beginners, who only learn the basics of this craft and do not want to be distracted by certain subtleties.

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