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Cognac "Usovskiy". Description, reviews

"I drank a sip of this noble drink and I feel that warmth is poured in my soul, my body is filled with bliss, I want to live and enjoy every moment" - this is most often heard from those who tried the cognac "Usovskiy".

Its price, judging by cognac standards, is more than acceptable for ordinary people. This Russian manufacturer has a whole line of cognac spirits and tinctures.

Advantages of the drink

The enterprise "Usovskie wine-cognac cellars" started its activity in 1969. Now a whole range of its products is on the market. This tincture - "Pepper with honey", "Hrenovuha", "Pepper with garlic" - and worthy aging cognac spirits - "Paris Life", "Commander", "Usovskiy." They are in great demand among consumers for a variety of reasons.

  1. Completed by blending of imported and Russian spirits.
  2. The color is pure amber-gold with a transparent luster.
  3. Cognac "Usovskiy" is kept and it is collected exclusively in oak barrels.
  4. It has a very developed and well-coordinated bouquet.
  5. The taste is pleasant and harmonious, and the oak note is clearly felt in the aftertaste.
  6. The price, based on the ratio with the quality, is very pleasant and varies between 280-330 rubles.

Company History

It was founded on the basis of the state farm Ilinskoe-Usovo and belonged to the economic trusts of the USSR. In those days, in a very small shop, the fruits were processed, on the basis of which they made all the alcohol products of a small enterprise. Basically it was port wine, vermouth and wine. In parallel, the plant produced various jams and jams from the same berries and fruits. In 1985, the well-known dry law came into force , thanks to which the company had to switch to the production of exclusively non-alcoholic goods - different kinds of kvass and apple cider vinegar.

In 1989, the law was repealed, and "Usovski cellars" was again allowed to produce products based on alcohol. Vodka entered the assortment, and the product line was refreshed already in the 2000s, then they started to produce "Usovskiy" cognac.


Since 2004, the Usov plant has entered a new round of its development. Community "KiN" engaged in restoration and in full cycle began to produce cognac "Usovskiy". This drink of the southern type, developed by special technology, immediately earned the confidence of the consumer. Already tasted cognac marks its unique taste, good aging and aroma. Fans of this liquor do not cease to be surprised at its pleasant value, as the prices for good cognac, as a rule, strongly bite.

Let's start with color, here buyers point to its light and very appetizing amber hue, in the glass it beautifully plays with overflows and bright gleams. To drink such cognac "Usovskiy" the majority of drink connoisseurs recommend this way - from a glass, putting it on the palm of your hand so that evaporation reveals all the richness of the bouquet from its heat.

Performing smooth circular movements, we enjoy the aroma of the drink, in which spicy vanilla notes play, gently interlacing with flowery-resinous tones. A pleasant, a bit tart, a rich bouquet like a lot. Most of the reviews say that the cognac "Usovskiy" is excellent drink, but for someone it can be a bit harsh. However, the fact that the drink does not require any snacks, note absolutely everything.

Development continues

The best price-quality ratio, according to satisfied customers, is precisely the five-star "Usovskiy" cognac. Reviews about him are particularly positive, point to his noble taste and pay tribute to the efforts of the domestic producer, who established the production of cognac, in terms of its parameters a little inferior to Western competitors.

The company has really significantly expanded its capabilities for the quality aging of old cognacs and does not plan to stop there. The history of the "Usov" drink goes back to the 18th century, and at the moment cognacs and cognac spirits are kept in special cellars located on the territory of the plant. Times change, and to date, UNHCR offers consumers not only three- and five-star cognacs, but also six-year-old drinks. Each of them has its own unique design, a special recipe and a historical train of the famous Usovskoy manor.

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