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Festive dish - duck with apples in the oven

Duck with apples in the oven is a very tasty and very beautiful dish that can decorate both the daily and festive table. Duck has more fatty meat than chicken or turkey, but dishes from it are more juicy. If you want to reduce the fat content of the prepared dish, then before baking it is necessary to make punctures in the legs and breast of the bird. In this case, excess fat will drain onto the baking sheet.

So, let's start preparing a duck dish with apples in the oven. For this we need a carcass weighing about two kilograms, about five hundred grams of apples. The best sort of apples for baking with a duck is an Antonovka, but you can use another variety with an acid taste.

The washed duck is rubbed with spices and salt from the outside and from the inside. Then cut the apples - slices or cubes, as someone likes. Note that if you fill the carcass with fruit very tightly, then it can burst with baking. However, this problem will only affect the appearance of the dish, the taste of the duck is not affected.

The carcass filled with apples can be sewn with a thick thread or simply can be chopped with the help of the most common toothpicks.

Now put the duck back on the baking sheet or the scallop. If the bird is not very fat, then it should be coated with vegetable oil. If the duck is fat, then it can be simply poured with water. We send the dishes with the bird to the oven, which is heated to 150-170 degrees. A duck with apples in the oven will bake for about an hour and a half. Check the preparedness of the dish, you can pierce the meat on the stalk or breast. If the bird is baked, the secret juice will be transparent.

If you want the duck to get a crusty and crusty crust, you need to pour the bird with cold water for about half an hour and finish baking. To give the dish a delicate flavor, you can use cold orange juice instead of water.

Duck with apples in the oven is ready, we spread it on a dish, decorate with baked apples and cranberry berries.

If you prefer spicy dishes, then you can sprinkle duck before baking with cinnamon, and for duck stuffing use a mixture of apple, orange and nuts. Another option for a spicy dish is a duck with prunes in the oven.

We will need about 500 grams of good prunes for one medium duck, a few (grams fifty) of mayonnaise, several cloves of garlic, salt and spices. Prunes my and pour boiling water for fifteen minutes, so that it became soft. Carcase my duck and rub it with spices and salt, you need to rub both inside and out. Prunes are removed, squeezed, put in a bowl, add bay leaf, sweet pepper and other spices to taste. Fill this mixture with duck, and sew up the hole.

You can prepare a duck in the sleeve for baking. We put it in a sleeve, we close the holes with clips and oven at one hundred and eighty degrees for two hours. Then cut the sleeve, grease the carcass with mayonnaise and send it to the oven to make the bird brown.

If you do not like the combination of meat plus fruit, then prepare a dish of duck with buckwheat in the oven.

Prepare the sauce. To do this, mix two spoons of Worcester sauce, a spoonful of sweet French mustard, a spoonful of honey and butter. Now add to the mixture crushed garlic, spices and lemon juice. We shall smear the prepared duck sauce and leave for one hour, so that the meat will be marinated.

In the meantime, boil one glass of buckwheat. Let's burn one finely chopped onion and three hundred grams of chopped mushrooms. Mix with hot buckwheat, adding a couple of spoons of butter to the mixture.

Fill the porridge with mushrooms duck, sew up the hole and put the bird in the catcher, adding to the bottom of the dishes about half a glass of water. Cover the mattress with foil and place in a heated oven for two hundred degrees. Bake for one hour, then remove the foil and bake the duck for about forty minutes. During baking without foil, you need to water the bird from time to time with the juice that is made during cooking.

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