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Union: Cancer and Gemini

The Union of Cancer and Gemini is full of disagreements. These partners are united by inconsistency in behavior: Cancer is hot, then cold, unstable in emotions, and Gemini is inclined to endless changes in actions and plans.

Horoscope compatibility - Cancer and Gemini

This couple has certain views on money and life in general. What attracts one of them is not of interest to the other. The twins dive headlong into a whirlpool of events and live a busy life. Cancer, on the other hand, exists in a world of strong experiences and deep feelings that the partner simply can not share.

Cancer and Gemini together feel not very comfortable, but they are interested in each other. Between them there will be very little mutual understanding in the field of feelings. Twins are very superficial and unemotional. Because of this, Cancer will think that the partner does not share his feelings. Twins tend to play on the feelings of a partner and their sharp tongue can hurt him. They are very windy, curious and sociable, and they bring calm Cancer out of themselves.

Cancer dreams of a reliable and lasting relationship, and Gemini does not want to take on any obligations. They appreciate the desire of the partner for prosperity and his ability to navigate in the material world.

Cancer and Gemini create a very risky alliance. None of these signs can help another become an adult and a wise person.

The main condition for the successful life together of this couple is the absence of burdensome duties that someone will have to take on. Cancer and Gemini do not possess the qualities necessary to deal with non-standard situations.

In a sexual relationship, this couple will be fine. If Cancer is close to an emotional breakdown, the Gemini will join the process and try to ease the partner's condition. The more emotionality the Gemini will show, the more likely it is that this union will last long enough.

Compatibility: female Cancer and Gemini male

Between Cancer and Gemini has little in common, but it attracts them. Both are curious and can go with the flow, if necessary. The Gemini man is constantly striving for new acquaintances. He easily throws what he started, and if he has no interest in the matter, he will do it badly. Cancer woman loves to dream, being protected from the outside world. The Gemini man thinks her dreams are stupid. His attempts to get her out of the world of dreams end in a wave of protest.

Problems for this pair will begin when one of the partners will change their soul mate. Often it is the woman-Cancer that starts to arrange scandals for her chosen one, trying to control his life and restricting freedom. The persistence of the Cancer woman is very poorly combined with superficial behavior and the lack of persistence of the male Gemini.

Cancer and Gemini can get rid of problems if they do not see each other for several weeks, or both will be loaded with work. Then they will not have time to find out the relationship.

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