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How to get and how to make a sponge in "Maincraft"?

When you explore the world of Meincraft, you can come across a wide variety of blocks - from the simplest blocks of sand or stone to obsidian or gloestone. And all this you can then use in the game, since all the substances in the game have their properties, which you can use in one or another case. You can simply use them, create buildings from them, craft new objects or break them into components. In general, the opportunities for you are given almost unlimited, and only you decide what you will do with those items and materials that you find. One of the most interesting blocks present in the game is the sponge. It is not very easy to find, but it has such properties that will interest any gamer. So, it's time to find out how to find or how to make a sponge in "Maincrafter".

Battle with the Ancient Guardian

Before you figure out how to make a sponge in a Maincraft, you need to understand the principle of this block. The fact is that you can not find in nature or drop out of the mobs ready for use sponge - it will in any case be wet. Therefore, it is for this block that you need to hunt, and to get it, you have to go to the underwater fortress. There are three Ancient Sentinels - very dangerous mobs, which are very difficult to kill. But if you manage to do this, among the loot you will find a wet sponge. Just consider that to get a sponge you need to kill the guard yourself, and do not use the environment for this - only if the mob dies from your hand, it drops the sponge. After that, you can already figure out how to make a sponge in "Maincrafter". However, at the same time, you can first learn how to get this block if you did not manage to extract it from the Ancient Guard.

Searches in the underwater fortress

Everyone wants to learn how to make a sponge in "Maincrafter", because it has very interesting and useful properties. But they will be discussed later - now it is necessary to understand how to get a wet sponge, if it does not fall out of the guard. To do this, you should go explore the territory of the fortress, looking into all the rooms. The fact is that in each world the fortress is generated randomly, and among the rooms there may be several, filled with sponges in an amount of up to 30 units. There can be several rooms like this, and none, so you should not rely solely on the rooms. Well, you have studied all the places in the game "Maincraft", where it is possible to find a sponge in a natural environment.

Converting a wet sponge to a dry one

As you understand, you can not use a wet sponge, so you need to process it to apply it later. To do this, you need a stove in which to place a wet sponge, after which it will turn into a dry, ready to use. And now there is a very important question: "Why in Maynkraft" sponge? ".

Application of a sponge

So, you defeated the guards, explored the underwater fortress, changed the wet sponge into a dry one - but why all this is necessary? The fact is that the sponge has the incredible property of absorbing water around itself at a distance of seven blocks. In itself, it can accommodate an incredible amount of water - up to sixty-five blocks. Accordingly, if desired, in one sponge you can fit even a small lake - what can you do with a large number of such objects? In general, then you yourself can figure out how to take advantage of such unusual properties. However, one thing can be said with certainty: you will not have such blocks without action, since they are extremely in demand among players in a variety of situations.

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