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Computer game Dark Souls: guide, passing

Dark Souls - the most complex and ruthless role-playing game of our time. It has got two continuations, but the fans still call it the first part of the most difficult in the series. In this article you will learn a lot of useful information about Dark Souls. A guide for beginners, a class guide, walkthroughs and tips - read on.

What is the game about?

The project with the most incomprehensible storyline and strange gameplay that only masochists can like, suddenly becomes the most popular role-playing game. What is it that fascinating and forcing people to constantly try and try their hand at a vain attempt to kill another boss or pass a trap? As a result, 50-60 attempts the player sees the inscription You Died, which he will dream even at night. It's one thing when Dark Souls spend their days on those who like excessive complexity. But what attracts ordinary casual players in the game?


Dark Souls tells about the advent of a knight who fights against evil spirits, while he himself does not have a human face. In principle, this is all that you will understand throughout the game, if you do not go into details and do not collect the history of the world literally bit by bit. In Dark Souls, the passage of which takes about 8 hours in the absence of errors and the availability of practice, the story is given precipitously and in parts. For example, through notes, short-words NPCs, a description of weapons and replicas of bosses. For an ordinary player this is not enough, and he can only enjoy the gameplay. But can you enjoy the Dark Souls? Guide with tips for beginners read on.

One of the advantages of the game is its variability. You can go through RPGs as you like, by anyone and by any means, even though it is linear. The game is not limited to your pumping. For example, you can calmly come to the most difficult boss and kill him even at the initial level and with basic equipment. Another question is, will you have enough skill? This is the reason for the numerous Challenges, which are arranged by the players themselves. For example, passing without rings or without pumping.

Dark Souls: guide for beginners

Before you start the game, you need to master several mandatory rules, without which you can not even try to pass it. All actions have irreparable consequences. An unintended decision, step, action can lead to death or, even worse, to the end of the passage. For example, if a player kills all blacksmiths in the game in a fit of rage, he will no longer be able to improve weapons and armor within this passage. Of course, you can try to go without it, but this method is only for the most skillful players.

The next tip is to use the gamepad. Developers are very crookedly transferred the game to personal computers. It is impossible to adjust the control to itself without third-party programs, and the standard settings leave much to be desired.

First try

At the first passage it is best to use the simplest class in Dark Souls. You will also find the class guide on the next page. Use various passes and videos to help you understand these or other points.

Never ignore the clues on the ground. Often they can be warning about the danger or suggest a solution to the puzzle (for example, how to bypass this or that trap). Encourage phantoms whenever possible, this will simplify your life when you first get acquainted with the game and will not cause rejection at increased complexity.

Dark Souls: Guide to classes

At the beginning of the game you will be asked to create a character. Here you can not only see the settings of the hero's appearance, but also choose a class. It should be noted right away that the chosen class does not limit you in the further distribution of points or the choice of equipment. It only affects the starting parameters and skills. Consider all classes in order.

All classes

Beggar. The most difficult class in the game. It has the lowest parameters and characteristics from all presented. Most often, it is chosen when re-passing those who were too easy. It is not recommended for the first run into the world of Dark Souls. Hyde does not make sense to him, as it will be difficult for beginners to fight without equipment and weapons. Skillful players pump the beggar as you like. This is possible because of the neutral characteristics, which make it possible to make from him at least a swordsman, at least an archer.

Wanderer. A little stronger than a beggar, but has useful properties. Choosing it, the player increases the chance of falling loot, receives from the start a greater number of useful items and is able to carry much more cargo. Combat qualities and protection is not the best, so for beginners this option is not suitable.

The robber is a clever and fast character. In addition, he can shoot a bow. Even a beginner in the game, with the proper reaction, will be able to cope with this class.

The next class in Dark Souls is a pyromancer . Hyde is hard to find, as this character is not very popular. However, it can be taken on the first pass. Dodge opponents and bosses will be a bit easier thanks to long range combat and spells. But remember that choosing a pyromancer, you can hardly be retrained to a swordsman or a robber - his military characteristics are too weak.

The cleric is a subspecies of a sorcerer. Local analogue of the tank, only with the ability to heal. Has a large reserve of health and mana. However, the fighting qualities of the class leave much to be desired.

Warrior . Balanced class. Can be controlled both with a two-handed weapon, and with a sword paired with a shield. Suitable for players who love variety in weapons.

Swordsman . Suitable for fans of battles in PVP mode. For solo passage, it is better not to take, if there are not enough skills.

The best choice

Finally, the most suitable class for beginners in Dark Souls is the knight. The guide is quite simple. It is necessary to pump fighting qualities and HP points, and then to choose at own discretion. The knight is perfect for the first race, because he has enough points of health, protection and good fighting qualities. Having tried your hand and a little understanding of the game, you can look at another class for a change.

Short walkthrough

Probably, many saw the passage of the first part of Dark Souls literally in an hour or two. This can, if not skillful players, then know exactly the short and roundabout ways, various tricks.

The game starts in a strange psychiatric hospital, from which you have to get out. At the same level, you can meet several simple enemies and one boss. Ordinary enemies are killed with two strikes, but with the boss there is one trick. Entering his room, the player is over the enemy's head. If you jump on it and hit a blow in flight, then the boss will take half of all health. It is not difficult to get him out of hand even with the initial equipment.

After going a little further, you will see a dragon. But do not panic, he will not attack. Not yet. Unpredictable behavior of opponents is a feature of Dark Souls. The passage continues after finding the fire in the left part of the corridor. At this level is the second boss - the Demon-Taurus, which is quite easy to get to.

In this spirit, you go through several more locations. It is difficult to get confused in the corridors. In terms of architecture and layout is linear game Dark Souls. Hyde for all levels in detail can take several pages of A4 format. It is enough to remember all the places and dodge the attacks of opponents. On the bosses after each attempt you will remember the sequence of actions of the monster and soon learn how to kill them from the first time. After several murders of the same mob, it disappears and does not appear any more. Thus, you simplify a repeat run for one location, if you want to fight again with the boss.

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