How to determine the sex of a child by blood groups of parents?

The times when it was necessary to guess what sex a child is born into, disappear. Today, for all pregnant women, ultrasound is necessary, which makes it possible to determine the sex identity of the baby with high accuracy. If the mother does not want to use this method, or wants to produce a boy (or girl), you can try to guess the sex of the child by blood groups of parents.

Combination of parent groups

This method offers a woman to choose the father of future children by his blood group. However, even established couples can see whether the theory works in practice. Some scientists offer complex tables with a percentage of the probability of the birth of a boy or girl for all possible combinations of blood parents. But if you do not delve into the theory, then everything is not so difficult. There are four blood groups. If the mother is the first, then when combined with odd groups, the probability of the birth of a female child is high. Combinations with even (II or IV), most likely, will contribute to the birth of a toddler. It is easy to calculate the sex of the child by the blood group for the other combinations. Let's say the next mom has a second group. Then the calculations are carried out in the absolutely opposite way described above. Women with a third blood group can try to acquire a daughter only together with a man who has group I. Just like mothers with the fourth group can count on the birth of a girl from the owner of group II. It is important to understand that this method of calculation is not absolutely correct. The sex of the child is affected by other factors. A good example of this is families with many children with different children.

When is the blood renewed?

The child's sex by blood groups of parents can be tried to calculate, focusing on blood renewal. It is believed that in women the blood is renewed every three years, and for men - about once every four years. There is an experimental theory that says: which of the parents has the blood younger, the child will inherit the sex. But how to understand at home, whose blood is "fresh"? For adults, the update should be considered from the moment of great blood loss. These are cavitary operations, serious injuries, childbirth and miscarriages. If nothing like this has happened to you, you can divide the total age of a person by 3 - for women, and 4 - for men. It is worth noting that planning the sex of the child by blood on the basis of this theory does not infrequently make it possible to achieve a result.

Influence of the Rh factor on the baby's sex

Do not forget that any blood type can be either positive or negative. Therefore, calculating the sex of the child by blood groups of parents, it is necessary to take into account this factor. It is believed that if both parents are positive or negative, a girl will be born. Boys are more likely to come into the world when a combination of different Rh-factors is important. Women with negative meanings should pay special attention to planning the birth of a child. There is a high probability of developing Rh-conflict, if the child has a positive group. And let them predict the sex of the child by blood groups of parents, using the theory of combining Rh-factors, it is absolutely not exactly possible, it is worth trying. It is likely that using all three described methods, you will get the correct results.

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