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How to create and how to open a port in "Maincraft"

Many gamers who are just beginning to play "Meincraft" mistakenly believe that in this game there is only one world - the one in which your character appears. This is a fairly common mistake, because the original world is very large, even if you choose at first not the largest card size. If you decide to play on a huge map, then, of course, you need to spend an incredibly long time to explore the whole world. And it may appear that he is the only one. But in fact, this is far from the case, and you can get into other worlds that are very different from the original worlds. You can do this with the help of special portals, which you have to build or find, and then activate. This article will become for you a clue to how to open the port in the "Maincrafter", because some players experience some difficulties at this moment.

Portal to hell

The lower world is the first dimension that you have to meet. Many gamers call it simply Hell, because, in fact, it is it. How to open a port in the "Maynkraft" in this new and unexplored world? To do this, you will first need to build a frame of obsidian - a fairly rare resource, which can be obtained only by a special pickaxe. From the mined materials, you need to create a four-by-five-frame frame - that's where your gateway to Hell is ready. But now you just need to activate them - this requires only a lighter, which you need to use on an empty space in the frame. After that, it will light up with a purple glow, and you will be able to pass into the portal, being in a new world. Now you know how to open a port in the "Minecraft" in the Lower World, but this is not the only dimension you want to get to.

Portal to the Edge

As you well know, "Minecraft" is a sandbox, that is, you have no specific goal here, you can travel the world, fight monsters, build buildings and make discoveries as much as you want. Endings this project does not - or was not until the developers decided to create a new dimension called the Edge. There you go in case you want to finish the game, that is, in the new world you are waiting for the battle with the final boss. But how to open the port in the "Maincrafter" in the world of the Edge? This time, you do not need to create a portal, but look for it. In Hell, you need to collect some ingredients that will help you not only discover the portal, but also activate it. After that, you can safely go to the Edge, but only if you finally decided that you do not want to continue the game. By the way, this is the only portal that you do not need to create - the rest require from you design skills. Now you know about the two original worlds, but different modes add other dimensions to the game. But how to make a portal in them in "Maynkraft"?

Portal to paradise

Among all other worlds, Paradise stands out, as it is extremely popular and recognized by a huge number of gamers. How to make a portal in Paradise in "Maynkraft"? To do this, you have to go to the completely opposite world, that is, Hell. There you need to find 18 blocks of stone called a gloestone, from which you will make a frame. When it is ready, you will naturally need to activate it. Only this time you will need to use not a lighter, but a bucket of water. Well, you already know how to make portals in Maynecraft in the most popular dimensions.

Other portals

After you have received information about how to open the portal in the "Maynkraft" in Paradise, you can already make your own decision. You can enjoy these dimensions by completing your journey in the world of the Edge, or download other modifications that will allow you to go to the moon and other exciting adventures.

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