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Bars of Penza: description

Now do not need to rake a bunch of sites on the Internet for hours in search of a good institution. Penza's bars open their doors to everyone who wants to relax and forget about worries and problems. The article presents the best of them. After reading the list, you will definitely want to visit the place you like and make it the starting point of a pleasant evening.


Sometimes you do not have to strain hard to find a place worthy of a pastime. It is good that there is a bar "Bereg" (Penza), whose existence greatly facilitates the process of choosing an institution. Many visitors realize their desires and ideas about literate rest. This bar was rated by them as one of the best in the city. Warm, cozy atmosphere, a great selection of beer, the atmosphere of this pub, a rich menu with drinks, snacks for every taste and pocket - all this attracts lovers of a good holiday. The Bar "Bereg" is suitable for everyone, because a cheerful atmosphere and quality service will make any gatherings a bright ending of the day. There is also a spacious summer terrace, where you can enjoy fresh air and a beautiful view on a warm evening. True, rest is somewhat clouded by mosquitoes, but are they a hindrance to a wonderful mood?

Red & Black

The Red & Black Bar is known to the residents of the city as a place where fun and unforgettable emotions are provided to everyone who crosses his threshold. In its walls you can feel yourself completely in a new way, because a portion of energy and impressions will make you look at things from the other side. Every employee of the Red & Black bar is the guest's best friend, and an attentive and caring attitude speaks of a sincere desire to make the evening comfortable for everyone. An interesting interior along with good music and high-quality entertainment make the time spent at the Red & Black bar something special and unrepeatable. The menu offers a large selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, snacks and full dishes. It is worth highlighting the opportunity to sing in karaoke and reveal, perhaps, hidden talents. Not all Penza bars are ready to set adequate prices for their services. I'm glad that Red & Black is not among their number and allows you to enjoy the evening without fear that the next morning in your pocket, nothing remains.

"Mad cow"

In carrying out simple evenings in the company of friends or large events and celebrations, the bars of Penza help. They provide services that relieve cares and allow a good rest in a cozy place. Many people liked the institution with the interesting name "Mad cow", where they try to please everyone and, judging by the positive feedback from the guests, it turns out. The menu of bars of Penza is filled with dishes of different culinary traditions. "Mad cow" is no exception. But even with a wide variety of dishes and drinks, it's easy to guess what is most often found in orders. Beer and shish kebab from chicken, pork, mutton, fish or mushrooms for a democratic price will conquer the heart of any visitor and will present bright gastronomic impressions. Given the interests of all guests, the institution was divided into two zones - "for smokers" and "for non-smokers." In the interior design, Western style, the wide use of wood and interesting soft zones are traced. In the bar-restaurant "Mad cow" they did not forget about the youngest guests, whose parents can arrange a big holiday with animators, clowns and an entertaining show program. Connoisseurs of sports can also watch live broadcasts of various competitions.


In the very center of the city flaunts "Rancho" - a grill-bar (Penza), in which time flies imperceptibly, but remains a pleasant and vivid memory. Two American epochs descended in it: a bar where the real rock-atmosphere of America reigns and a "saloon" reminiscent of the Wild West. In this mix is observed not only in the interior of the institution, but also in the menu. Guests of the Rancho Bar open the world of Mexican and American cuisine. A good brand beer with an appetizing fajitos or aromatic quesadilla for many in such an unusual institution will make the evening rich and bright. Visitors can stay in two rooms and a separate room for six people. Beyond the threshold of this institution you can become a participant of amazing adventures, because frequent competitions, promotions and show programs are an integral part of the "Rancho" bar.


Bars Penza appeared on the streets of the city at different times and in their own way tried to do everything to meet the requirements of their guests. A fairly young institution "Almaz" has already sung to establish itself as an excellent place for quiet gatherings, and for loud festivities. The bar provides several rooms, namely the main hall, banquet and VIP. In the main room at the same time can enjoy a rest for up to a hundred people. The area is divided into a zone for smokers and non-smokers. A large bar in the center and the stage also found their place in the bar. In the menu you can see dishes of international cuisine, which are prepared by the hands of professional chefs. Inside, visitors can appreciate the interior in English style. It seems that you are not in a bar, but in a village house of past centuries, where the aroma of the tree and the atmosphere of coziness still exist. Guests can also stay in the summer area, which opens in May.

"Star City"

Bars, cafes of Penza work with one goal - to guarantee to each visitor the best pastime. The choice of many falls on the "Star City" - a bar with a wonderful cuisine and a cozy atmosphere. The menu is full of author's dishes according to recipes that survived the century. The premises are decorated in warm colors. Soft lighting and pleasant music have a positive effect on the impressions of the meal, and reasonable prices make it possible to pamper yourself more often with such rest.

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