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Programming of games: programs, features of creation and recommendations

For sure, every gamer at least once in his life thought about creating his own game project. Moreover, many even begin to make various movements in this area. But as a rule, after a week or two young geymdev, faced with certain problems, like an elementary lack of knowledge, forgets about his dream and sits down for the passage of another shooter. What's the matter? Is the programming of games - this is so laborious and incomprehensible to ordinary mortals the process? The answer to this question you can find in this article.

Game development

We can say with confidence that programming games is one of the most difficult tasks in the IT field. The fact is that to create a good project you need to have a fairly extensive amount of knowledge. For example, you need to know several programming languages, be able to write simple and understandable code, in which there is nothing superfluous, etc. It is for this reason that the games are developed by large geymdev-teams, which consist of hundreds of specialists in various fields.

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule. For example, the notorious programmer Marcus "Notch" Persson alone created "Maynkraft" - a game that is one of the most profitable projects in the last 10 years. But in order to develop something like this, you need to be a real ace of your business and have a lot of experience behind them.

Creating games. Programming

Theoretically everyone can start creating masterpieces of the computer world. But as you can understand, programming games is very difficult. However, virtually anyone can become a game player. The most important condition is a lot of free time and just titanic assiduity. Let's say we have this. What to do next?

First of all, you need to master at least some of the most popular programming languages. Without this, it is unlikely to create a quality game. Why several languages? Is one alone not enough? The fact is that each programming language has its own specific area of application. Below we will consider the most popular languages and their application in programming games.


Perhaps the most universal language in terms of programming games is C ++. Most modern games and engines for them are written on it. What is the peculiarity of this language? Perhaps one of the main advantages of C ++ is the huge number of comprehensive libraries. Thanks to this through this language you can write anything: from a small indie toy to a large project of the AAA class.

But unfortunately, C ++ is very difficult to learn. The newcomer is unlikely to be able to understand these wilds. It is for this reason that it is better to begin your acquaintance with the programming world with something simpler.

Python is probably the best choice for a beginner game player. First, the syntax of the language is quite simple. In order to begin programming on Python, it's enough to read the tutorial and have the native level of English. Secondly, the capabilities of this programming language are quite wide. Of course, Python can not keep up with C ++ in terms of functionality. Nevertheless, using Python, you can create quite a decent software (including the game). For example, on Python written games such as "Battlefield" (2005), "Civilization 4", "Sims 4" and many other projects that have become real hits.

Java is another contender, which is definitely worthy of attention. Perhaps, the main advantage of this language is full cross-platform. This means that the software written through Java is supported by all operating systems (Windows, Linux, Android, etc.). This allows you to quickly remake the game under any platform. In addition, Java gives the programmer a lot of opportunities. For examples, you do not need to go far. The above-mentioned "Minecraft" was written exactly in "Java".

Creating games without programming

But what if there is no time to learn languages, but still want to write your own game? Here come to the aid of the so-called game designers. What it is? The answer to the question you can find below.

A game designer is a special program that combines an integrated development environment and an engine. Simply put, it's software, with which you can make your games without programming. If you just started your way to game development, then game designers are just what you need. With their help you can understand how the development process is going on, what it is worth to pay attention to, and to notice other important aspects for yourself.

Nevertheless, similar programs have drawbacks. Game constructors have rather meager functionality. Such programs impose restrictions on the user in terms of genre, graphics, mechanics, etc. It is for this reason that it is unlikely to create a worthy project with the help of a designer.

Games for creating games

As it was possible to understand, designers are not designed to create large projects. Such programs are necessary in order to give young geymdevu first experience in terms of game development. In this part of the article we will look at the most popular programs for programming games that will help beginners to make their first steps in the gamedev environment.

Perhaps the most famous game development program is Game Maker. It is designed to create two-dimensional projects. You can do games without programming skills. Instead of lines of code, the user is provided with a set of ready-made actions. All you need to do is create objects and define the rules of interaction between them. Also worth noting is that you can draw sprites right in Game Maker without using third-party programs. Therefore, the software is completely self-contained. Moreover, Game Maker does not offend and advanced users who have programming skills. After all, the program has the ability to add its source code. Through Game Maker, you can create games with a top view (RPG, tactical shooter, etc.) and side (platformer).

Construct 2 is another constructor for developing 2D games. Perhaps the main feature of this program is multiplatform. Through "Construct" you can create games for iOS, Android, Windows, Web, etc. In terms of functionality Construct 2 is in no way inferior to the same "Game Maker".


Programming games is a very time-consuming process that lasts for months, or even years. Therefore, if you want to become a professional geymdevom, it is necessary to develop in yourself such qualities as patience and willpower.

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