We sew a ladybird costume

All children love holidays, especially the New Year, some masquerade or carnival. Before the parents in this case, there is a choice: buy an outfit, rent it or try to do it on your own. So, today we will tell you how to sew a ladybird costume. There may be several varieties of it.

The easiest option

If a suit is needed for a girl, then you should use a dark skirt, if for the boy - then trousers. From above you can wear a dark turtleneck or shirt. If desired, you can sew or tie a yellow collar and attach it to clothing. On the head should be worn an improved bezel (it must first be sewn with tendrils of dark fabric), and on the back - a cape made of thick red matter. On this cloak should be sewn round black dots, around the edges to decorate with sequins or tinsel. Everything, wings are made. Actually, the ladybird suit is ready.

Complicated variant

This option is more complicated, but the result is also excellent. To sew a ladybird costume, you need a meter of red mesh fabric (the width of a piece is one and a half meters), two meters of a rigid wire, a piece of black cloth, a thread of red and black colors, an insulating tape, a satin ribbon (red, black) half a centimeter in width, and A thick red ribbon (five centimeters wide), matches or a lighter, glue, pins, wooden or plastic sticks (two sushi sticks fit), hair bands, centimeter, pliers, plastic card. The ladybird costume consists of a wand, a skirt (if it's a girl) and wings.


First you need to make wings. From a red mesh folded in half, cut out a large circle (two pieces for two wings, a diameter of about 20 centimeters), stitch, twist. Now cut a piece of wire longer than the circumference of the winglet, and insert it into the wing. The remaining pieces from the two wings are fixed, that is, connect the wings (all the sharp edges are wrapped with tape). At the center of the connection, tie a rubber band or a black ribbon (with its wings will be fastened) and close the connection with a wide red tape. On the wings themselves, sew pre-cut black specks.


New Year's costume "Ladybird" for a girl is unthinkable without a beautiful skirt. Take two pieces of a grid in width of 20 centimeters and length about 2 meters and make by means of a plastic card of a fold on each (folds fasten with the help of a pin). When everything is folded, at the top edge, attach a red ribbon on one piece of the grid, and on the other - a black one. The edges of each piece are put together in a ring so that they are tied with a ribbon. Bottom edge tape with tape or braid. As a result, you will get two magnificent skirts. Put them on top of each other, sew black circles.

Magic wand

The ladybird costume can very well be supplemented with such an unusual accessory that fulfills wishes. Wrap the stick with glue and wrap it with a red ribbon, decorate with ribbons and beads from above. Everything, the outfit is ready. It remains only to wear it with a black turtleneck and pantyhose, and you can go on holiday. Your child will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful at the carnival.

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