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Tolerant person - a fairy tale about an ideal personality?

A tolerant person. This expression, translated from Latin, means "patient person." This concept is a sociological term that denotes understanding, acceptance and tolerance for a different way of behavior, life, feelings, customs, ideas, beliefs, opinions without any inconvenience.

Many cultures equate the concept of "tolerance" to simple "tolerance". However, unlike just a patient, a tolerant person is willing to favorably accept and recognize the behavior, attitudes and beliefs of others different from their own. And even in the case when someone else's beliefs or views are not approved or shared.

Tolerant attitude towards people at all times was considered a true human virtue. The problems of education and upbringing of children are more pronounced at the breakthroughs in the development of society, as they come into contact with abrupt changes in public demands for man. A tolerant person is a person who respects, accepts and correctly understands the rich diversity of the cultures of the world in which we live, our self-expression and ways of manifesting the human individuality. Tolerance is promoted by openness, knowledge, communication and freedom of conscience, thought and belief. The most effective means to prevent intolerance is to cultivate in young hearts a respectful attitude to the values and outlooks of other people, feelings of empathy, understanding of the motives of people's actions, the ability to cooperate and communicate with people of other views, attitudes, opinions, cultures. Modern society assumes the existence of tolerance, which should turn into an emerging model of relationships between people, countries, peoples. As a result, our country also needs the formation of a proper understanding of tolerance, the desire for this concept to become familiar in our everyday speech. This will happen only when the concept of a "tolerant person" firmly settles in the vocabulary of school teachers.

In the spheres of manifestation, tolerance is subdivided into scientific, political, administrative and pedagogical. Psychologists apply to the personality several types of this concept.

Natural (natural) tolerance

It means trustfulness and curiosity, which are inherent in infants. They do not characterize the qualities of his "ego", since the process of the formation of personality has not yet reached the splitting of social and individual experience, to the existence of isolated plans for experience and behavior, and so on.

Moral Tolerance

This kind implies tolerance, which is associated with the person (the external "ego" of a person). To a greater or lesser extent, it is inherent in a large number of adults and is the desire to restrain their emotions through the use of psychological defense mechanisms .

Moral Tolerance

It differs from the moral that it implies in the language of experts the trust and acceptance of someone else's lifestyle that is associated with the essence or "inner ego" of a person. A tolerant person is a person who knows himself well and recognizes others. The manifestation of compassion and sympathy is the most important value of a civilized society and a feature of true upbringing.

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