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Rod of feeder "Volzhanka": review, reviews

About a quarter of a century the brand "Volzhanka" communicates with fishing enthusiasts with high-quality and affordable fishing gear. Rod feeder "Volzhanka" is no exception.

General information

The PPM company, which produces feeder rods "Volzhanka", has been known for more than a decade on the market of fishing goods. In Russia and abroad, feeder rods are in demand.

Applying high-quality material and the latest technology, the company produces bits, which have a special strength and very convenient design. This allows the fishermen to use gear for several seasons and enjoy fishing.

Using the feeder rod "Volzhanka", you will always be sure of its reliability and have a rich catch.

Overview of feeder rods "Volzhanka"

"Optima" - these rods are designed for fishermen with a lot of experience who are fond of feeder fishing. The rod system is a complex parabolic system that is used for expensive products. This allows you to far throw the feeder.

Thanks to the soft middle part of the rod, you can safely produce a strong survival of large fish. It is easy to do the cuts, since the rod has a fast and powerful commin. The length of the tackle is 4 m, so it is convenient to catch from the shore. Very good sensitivity, even with the easiest bite.

Rod of feeder "Volzhanka" Series "Optima" is made using graphite, which has a special structure. A reliable handle is made of a polymer material in combination with a stopper. The kit includes a high-quality velor cover.

"Master" - rods, which are used only for jig fishing, using the most heavy baits. Carbon fiber is used to make rods . This helps to reduce impacts when fishing. The rigid polymer, from which the through-rings are made, protects the line from rubbing. The holder for the coil is quite reliable. The rod is well suited for catching large fish in a deep pond with a rapid current.

"Ballista" refers to universal rods, suitable for ponds with any water. The rings are oval in shape, so there is no tangling of the line. The holder of the coil is of high quality, the handle is made of polymer materials.

Feeder rod "Volzhanka": reviews

Experienced fishermen who constantly use feeder rods "Volzhanka", note the following advantages:

  • The rod is adapted for casting heavy feeders up to 100 g for a long distance. It has high strength and sensitivity at an acceptable price;
  • A fine bit, elastic and sensitive form, is equipped with three peaks with a different test;
  • Domestic rod "Volzhanka", the price of which is much smaller than the imported analog, in all respects exceeds it;
  • You can deploy the tackle in a short time. Heavy nozzle is not an obstacle to accurate showering over a long distance;
  • Iron pass-through rings of other bits grind the line, it is difficult to feel the bite. With the use of the Volzhanka Master fishing rod, there is no such problem.

Negative feedback on the feeder rods of this brand is not noted.

Rod of feeder "Volzhanka" Is budgetary. Despite the relatively low price (from 2500 rubles), composite materials are used for their manufacture. Udila have a strong blank, many have three interchangeable tops, a comfortable handle. This tackle is used for catching fish in stagnant water and in water bodies with a rapid current.

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