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American R & B-singer Brandy Norwood: biography, career and personal life

Brandy Norwood is a singer with an amazing voice and bright appearance. She is known and loved not only in the US, but also in other countries. Do you know the biography of a dark-skinned performer? If not, the necessary information can be found in the article.

Brandy Norwood, biography: childhood

She was born on February 11, 1979 in the American town of Carson (California). In which family was the future R & B star brought up? Her father, Willie Norwood, was the director of a local church choir. At one time he performed in a musical group. And mother Brandi, Sonia Bates, worked as a manager in the tax company H & R Block. Our heroine has a younger brother, William. He is also an executor of R & B and an actor.

The girl started singing from the age of 2. It was at this age that my father recorded it in the Chorus of the Brookhaven Church of Christ. Many parishioners were touched by the angelic voice of Brandy Norwood.

When the baby was 4 years old, she moved with her family to Los Angeles. The father understood that in this city his daughter had more chances to become a star.

Film career

In 1993, Brandy was approved for the role of second plan in the comedy series "Thea". The young actress has 100% coped with the tasks set by the director. In 1996, she reappeared on the screens. Norwood starred in the series "Moisha".

In 1998, the famous director Danny Cannon offered the girl a role in her horror film. Surely many of you have watched a painting called "I still know what you did last summer." In this tape Brandy got one of the secondary roles. A year later, she starred in the continuation of the horror.

To date, Norwood has more than 12 films in the bank. The most successful for her were the films "The Price of Success" and "Cinderella".

Musical creativity

Living in Los Angeles, Brandy played roles in the movies and tried herself as a TV presenter. At the same time, she did not stop playing music.

In 1993, a black singer signed a contract with one of the largest record companies - Atlantic. In a record short time, her debut album, Brandy, was recorded. In 1994, the album appeared on sale. Brandy Norwood immediately formed his own army of fans.

A year later, our heroine in a duet with singer Monica performed the song The Boy is Mine. For her, the artists even received a Grammy Award.

In 1998, Norwood's second album was presented to the listeners. It was called Never Say Never. The record proved to be very successful not only in the USA, but also in Europe. The entire circulation was sold out in a matter of days.

In the period from 2002 to 2003, there were two more studio albums by Brandy. During this time, the number of her fans has increased significantly. Raging energy, a pleasant voice and the ability to stay on the stage - that's what the audience loved the singer for.

Our heroine was not going to stop there. She had ambitious creative plans. In 2005, the singer signed a contract with another record company - Epic. Her team was engaged in a team of true professionals. The result of the collaboration was the release of the new album Human in 2008.

Personal life

Our heroine never complained about the lack of male attention. And after she became a media person, the number of her fans increased tenfold.

In 1996, Brandy Norwood met with basketball player Kobe Bryant. Their relationship lasted only a few months. The guy and the girl were good friends.

In the period from February 1997 to February 1998, the singer met with the participant of the Boyz II Men vocal quartet - Vanya Morris. His girlfriend called her first love. Unfortunately, this union also disintegrated.

In 2001, while working on the album Full Moon, our heroine spun an affair with producer Robert Smith. The actress was sure that he would find the long-awaited happiness with him. In the summer of 2002, the couple had a charming daughter. However, Robert Smith not only did not marry Brandy, but finally broke off relations with her.

In 2004, the singer has a new elect. It's about the basketball player Quentin Richardson. With him, the black R & B singer was happy 15 months.

Currently, Brandy Norwood (photo above) is not married. She alone brings up her daughter. However, the artist does not lose hope to meet her soul mate.


We talked about where she was born, studied and how she built her career, Brandy Norwood. Details of her personal life were also voiced in the article. Let's wish this amazing singer successful projects and great love!

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