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Lymphonoduses on the neck were inflamed. What can I do to ease the condition?

Lymphonoduses are kind of biological filters that protect our body from the penetration of foreign pathogens. They contain specific immune cells - lymphocytes, which destroy pathogens of various ailments. In this article we will consider what measures should be taken if lymph nodes on the neck inflamed . What should I do to get rid of this problem and what are the reasons for its occurrence? After all, the abnormal size of the lymph node is a signal that somewhere in the body there is a fight against the disease. And localization can be assumed, where exactly.

Lymph nodes in the neck became inflamed: causes

Various infectious diseases such as ARVI, tonsillitis, sinusitis, caries, mononucleosis, tuberculosis, tularemia and brucellosis can cause this phenomenon. The increase in lymph nodes can also indicate the presence of HIV in the body. Tumor diseases (lymphocytic leukemia) can affect the body itself. As a result, it becomes fixed and rigid. Insect bites and allergies can also trigger the onset of this symptom.

In rare cases, chronic fatigue and, as a consequence, weakening of the body, lead to an increase and inflammation of the lymph nodes.

What can I do to get rid of inflammation?

To the question: "Lymph nodes on the neck were inflamed - what should I do?" The answer can be only one: first you should see a doctor. If the enlarged lymph nodes are soft to the touch and painless, do not worry. This means that the immune system is actively fighting disease-causing organisms. After the infection is defeated, the size of the nodes will return to normal. However, quite often immunity can not withstand an ailment. In this case, it is possible to develop a more serious disease that causes malaise, high fever and pain - lymphadenitis. So, lymph nodes on the neck inflamed. What to do? First you need to determine the cause of this state. Diagnosis of the disease that caused the increase in nodes, you can only after a complete examination. After the cause is identified, it is necessary to begin treatment of the underlying ailment. Parallel with this, you should take anti-inflammatory drugs, but only as directed by the doctor. Excellent help UHF-therapy. Very often it is the bacterial infection that causes the lymph nodes in the neck to become inflamed. What to do in this case? To prevent purulent complications, treatment should begin with taking antibiotics.

The patient should adhere to bed rest, take vitamins and fortifying agents and drink warm drinks.

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If the lymph node on the neck is inflamed from behind or in front, or on other parts of the body, prepare herbal infusion from one liter of drinking water, lavender flowers, currant leaf and elderberry (all 50 grams). Take the remedy instead of tea. Very useful chicory. 50 grams of powder, pour 500 ml of boiling water. Drink 100 ml three times a day. Against inflamed lymph nodes the tincture of raspberry root is good. Take the three-liter jar. In it, place 250 g of root and 150 g of granulated sugar. Pour the ingredients with boiling water (100 ml) and put on a water bath for six hours. Then for a few days, remove the remedy in a cool place. Drink a drug once a day for one spoonful.

It should be borne in mind: folk remedies, as well as medicines, should be used only after consulting a doctor!

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