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The Crew does not start: the solution to the problem

The release of The Crew was marked not only by the ability to drive on sports cars with players from around the world, but also a bunch of bugs and bugs that developers have slowed down quite slowly. Many do not even run The Crew Uplay version, which should work perfectly, given the cost of the product. However, not all problems are related to the game code. For most gamers, The Crew does not start because of a weak "iron", and not a bad optimization. Even after a while on the forums you can meet users who have problems, despite the released patches. Today, we'll figure out why the Crew does not start, but about everything in order.


The Crew is an auto-simulator that received a well-developed online mode. The development involved two teams - Ivory Tower and Ubisoft, but everyone understands who got all the honors. The game was released on personal computers and consoles of the latest generation. On December 2, 2014, users were able to download the full version.

The main emphasis in the game is made on-line. There is also a single campaign, which can be done in 20 hours. You can perform tasks alone or with friends on the Web. You need a permanent connection to the Internet. Multiplayer mode provides an opportunity to assemble a group and together perform races, as well as perform tasks.

The advantage of the game was the open world. Created on the basis of the map of the United States of America, only significantly less. The total length of roads is more than 10 thousand kilometers. The map is divided into 5 regions. To open them, you need to perform tasks and participate in the races. The regions are different, they have unique sights. In addition, during the passage, a new transport and improvements are opened.

Undoubtedly, the attention of fans of racing is clearly worth playing. After reading the key features, find out what to do if the Crew does not start.

System requirements

Before you start looking for possible errors, due to which occur departures and lags, you should find out whether your PC is suitable for starting the game. The Crew does not start without constant access to the Internet, so it makes no sense to download repacks and try to install them. There is no working "pirate", and it is unlikely to appear, since it is difficult to circumvent the protection provided by the constant sending of information to the developer's servers. Buy a licensed version, which is more likely to start and cause fewer problems.


  • To run it will require the operating system Windows 7 or newer. Works only with 64-bit versions.
  • For stable operation on medium / high graphics settings, an old Core2 Quad Q9300 running at a clock frequency of 2.4 GHz is sufficient. Newer, better. From AMD, any processor with similar characteristics is suitable.
  • To the installed video card The Crew is also undemanding. For a comfortable game, enough GeForce GTX 260 or similar from AMD. The required minimum of video memory is 512 MB.
  • For stable operation, 4 GB of RAM is enough. However, it is better to have a larger RAM reserve. Often The Crew does not start because of a lack of RAM.
  • In addition to the mouse and keyboard, you can connect other peripherals, such as a gamepad or steering wheel.


  • Works on Windows 7 and newer (64-bit versions).
  • To realize the full potential of the game requires a Core i5 750 processor from Intel or similar from AMD.
  • Maximum graphics settings will provide a video card GeForce GTX580 from Nvidia. Appropriate from AMD with 1 GB of video memory.
  • Play without lags and departures will allow 8 GB of RAM.

The requirements are quite loyal, even most modern laptops can cope with the game. If the Crew does not start, the program is stopped, black screen or low FPS, first try to expand the amount of RAM.


This step is mandatory, every advanced user with new errors in the game updates the drivers to the video card and other devices in the first place. Also do it by downloading the latest versions from the manufacturer's website. Typically, performance is significantly increased after this simple but effective action. Update and other devices, such as a sound card, so as not to experience problems with noise and wheezing from the speakers.

Serious help can be provided by cleaning the computer from useless junk. You can do this manually or shift all "on the shoulders" of the program-optimizers. Remove unnecessary programs, watched TV shows, music, old files - you will immediately notice how your PC will quickly perform its work.

Does not start

Many Crew does not run even after the upgrade, so more effective measures will be needed. First, change the graphics settings in the game configurations. To do this, find the file on the path C: \ Users \ USERNAME \ Documents \ The Crew \. We can not say with what parameters the game will start on your device, so experiment. Do not forget to make copies of the files that you change.


The most common problem. Fix it may reduce graphics. Here you have to build on the possibilities of "iron" and experiment, gradually raising the number of frames to an acceptable level. Some people are helped to increase the swap file. You can do this in the "Additional system settings", which you can find in "Computer Properties" on the "Desktop". Also, cleaning up unnecessary processes in the task manager gives you powerful advantages, so do not neglect it.


The problem often occurs in fans of high graphics settings. The solution is to disable some effects, which seriously stress the graphics card of the computer. Departures can occur due to lack of space on the hard drive. Some users have happened due to inappropriate configurations of the PC version of the game. The only way to fix this is by installing the latest patches or rolling back to the previous patches.

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