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Why lays "Dota 2"? Understand the problem

For many gamers, it is very important that the process of being in the game is as comfortable as possible (after all depends on it, whether you get a pleasant feeling from the game).

Lags are a big problem!

Perhaps the most important desire is the absence of lags in online games, because here we will not only show our skills to other real players, but also help our team win. This is especially felt in the game "Dota 2", because this game not only serves for a pleasant pastime, but also is an e-sports discipline (tournaments with fairly decent prize funds are systematically held). If during the game you have some delays, then you should immediately think - why lays "Dota 2"?

To begin with, the main question is whether the game lagged before or not. If so, try to remember from what moment the lags began and try to restore everything to its original state. Can not remember? Or does it lay right after installation? Then read on.

What is the problem?

In general, there can be many reasons for this. Let's analyze the most common and try to answer the question why lays "Dota-2". This is a game that assumes that there is an Internet connection for all players (after all, the games go online), so the quality of your connection is very important. If you do not know why lays DotA-2, then first check the speed that the provider provides you. There may be some problem, or you have too much load on the connection. If you use any programs for downloading different kinds of files, then it is better to turn them off. Also, all browsers that have some load (listening to music through the browser, running games in them, watching videos, etc.) are subject to shutdown, because this can cause why it began to lag DotA-2.

The matter is that between your client of the game and the server there is a constant exchange of game packages (where other players go, what abilities they use, etc.), and with a weak connection some of them are lost, which leads to various delays.

Maybe it's the computer?

If after disabling all the loads on your Internet connection the problem did not resolve, then it is worth considering it from the other side. Why did you begin to loot DotA 2? Maybe, because the performance of your video card does not reach the standards of the game? There are two options. First - we put all the graphics settings in the game at minimum and check again. The picture, of course, will noticeably lose its quality, but you will get high performance and, as a result, good quality of the game. The second option is to remove the load from the CPU (CPU). To do this, you need to go to the task manager (via the administrator panel or by pressing alt + ctrl + del / delete), then go to the "Performance" tab and see how much the processor is loaded to you.

Elemental unloading of the processor significantly increases its performance (because then the game will spend more energy). To do this, you can turn off a couple of applications, which at the moment you do not really need, and performance "eat" well. You can combine both options for the best result.

The last case

If, after all operations, the problem has not disappeared, and you are still interested in the question why Dota-2 lays, the only solution (except for "prompt" intervention, changing the computer or video card) is to "overclock" your video card. For this you can download specialized programs that will help you in this matter. Or do it through the available settings of the video card. But this case is individual, depending on your model. For example, you might want to know the ATI Catalyst Control knowledge, or the "Nvidia Setup" program can help.

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