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Fish-elephant: life in nature and content in the aquarium

Fish-elephant lives in the river Congo and the rivers of Cameroon. This species first came to Europe in 1950, in the USSR - in 1962. The length of the adult reaches 23 centimeters. Body elongated enough, but flattened laterally. The pectoral fins are high, the dorsal fin is moved far back. The fish-elephant has no pelvic fins, as for the color, its color is dark brown. Between the dorsal and anal fin there is a black spot of a rather large size.


The name of the fish was due to the proboscis located on the lower part of the jaw, the size of which is equal to two centimeters. Proboscis is like a rounded long stem. The so-called trunk is necessary for the fish to find food. The life span of this species in the natural environment is an average of eight years. Water "elephants" are difficult to distinguish by gender, the only difference is that females are larger than males. Fish have an amazing feature, namely thanks to electric fields find their way in the dark. They are also able to distinguish between dead and living beings. The river elephant prefers to swim closer to the bottom. The fish looks like a mine detector.

Aquarium and elephant fish

The content and reproduction of these fish, as well as many large varieties, should occur in an aquarium, the volume of which is more than 120 liters. The aquarium should be tightly closed with glass, otherwise the fish will jump out of it. "Elephants" are not too demanding on the chemical composition of water. In order for fish to feel comfortable, shelters should be arranged in the aquarium in the form of stone caves, dense thickets, and flower pots. As for the soil, it must be loose and soft. This is necessary so that it can settle down in a few minutes after stirring. As a primer you can use washed peat crumb. Most of the life the elephant fish is in motion, only a short time it can remain in a calm state. This species constantly chases after fish of like type, and sometimes pursues large fish without a special purpose . On small animals, the underwater elephant does not pay any attention. They can be compared to playful elephants who just want to frolic.

The smartest fish

Many connoisseurs of aquatic fauna believe that elephant fish is the most intelligent fish. In order to get her own food, she sinks her head into the silt and uses her trunk to look for food. When a bloodworm is found in a dense layer of silt, the mobile trunk throws it upward. After that, the bloodworm retracts into the mouth opening, which is located under the trunk. In natural conditions, the elephant fish is immersed in the silt until only the dorsal fin remains visible. On their back they have an organ called the "sonar." Thanks to him, the approaching enemy will be seen at a distance of several meters. Many scuba divers prefer to photograph in memory of fanciful fish, among which is elephant fish. Her photo is decorated with many thematic publications.

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