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Guide to the Duma, "Dota-2": how to farm?

In recent years, "Dota 2" has become one of the most popular multiplayer entertainment in the world. In fact, here there is no plot, there is no long promotion of the character - each time you start all over again, and each time you need to re-pump the hero. What makes "DotA" so special, because at first glance everything looks rather boring and monotonous? Indeed, from the outside may seem so, but in fact everything is quite different. Firstly, you constantly play against different opponents, and each of them has his own approach to the character. Secondly, there are a lot of these characters in the game, so you can try them all and not just once. Thirdly, you improve yourself in the process of the game, and in time you begin to correctly pump the character, distribute his skills, select the right things. And, of course, it should be noted that DotA is in a constant state of development. This means that this game is not ready - it constantly adds items, heroes, skills and so on. Therefore, every day it becomes only more fun. But it's always difficult to start, so now the Duma's guide will be considered. "DotA 2" is filled with different characters, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages, but the old good power is something that has always attracted gamers. And this is what Doom can offer you.

Why this character?

When a player sees the character selection screen for the first time, he can immediately fall into a stupor - how to understand which character to start playing? You can choose on your own and start swaying slowly, but everyone wants to achieve something as soon as possible - this is the purpose of this guide for the Duma. "DotA 2" offers you three classes of characters at once, which, however, can not completely determine the direction of their development. The fact is that some of the characters initially have higher strength, others have agility, and others have intelligence. And to each of these indicators there is a stable increase. And if you want to find out why you need to choose the Duma, then the first answer is that he has one of the highest gains in strength in the game. Considering the fact that his initial damage is already quite high, he turns to further levels into a real monster, which is bypassed by individual characters in terms of strength. In addition, he has a fairly good increase in intelligence, given that he concentrates on strength. This is easily explained by the fact that Doom has very interesting skills, for which you will want to have as much mana as possible. I hope you are intrigued, and you have a desire to read a guide to the Duma. "DotA 2", however, is in no hurry to hand in the hands of the players of the heroes, who are obviously the strongest - here the ideal balance is observed. Therefore, one should immediately say about some of the disadvantages of this character.

Disadvantages of the Duma

Pros of the Duma is very impressive, but what can one say about its disadvantages to the Duma? "DotA 2" is a game in which physical attacks play an important role. As already mentioned above, the damage to the Duma is chic, but here's the balance to set at the expense of something you need. Therefore, both the initial dexterity and the gain to this skill leave much to be desired. And this means that Doom almost the whole game runs "naked", that is, unprotected from physical attacks. And it can play a very evil joke. At first, Doom is experiencing problems and with a mana reserve, so he can not really turn around in using his skills. But at the same time it is dangerous for him to go into hand-to-hand combat, because our Duma can die very quickly there. "DotA 2" - guide (the forest here is the main location) on the character of this game will tell how to turn the Duma's weaknesses into advantages, and how to make its impressive pluses even more frightening.

Characteristics of the Duma and what to do with them

So, start with the characteristics of this character - but this is only a fraction of what will tell you a guide to the Duma. "Dota 2" in the forest - how to farm? This is a question that should be of great concern to you, if you chose the Duma as your character. There are other questions, but they will be discussed later. Now it is worth taking a look at what Doom comes into play with. He has 26 forces and 3.2 increases per level - an incredibly impressive and frightening figure. 13 intelligence - not so much, but the increase in 2.1 will allow you to quickly gain the right mana reserve. But with dexterity everything is pitiful - the indicator is 11 and the gain is 0.9, with this definitely one will have to do something. Then follows health - from 644 at the beginning of the game it increases to 2483 at level 25. Mana also increases from a little more than a hundred to more than a thousand - this is very useful to you. Damage increases during the pumping time three times, but the protection grows only to 6 - and then only to level 25. Now you are familiar with the main characteristics of the character, what did you prepare for the Duma's guide? "DotA 2" is a game in which you will not be able to win on pure characteristics, you will need skills. And it is about them that will be discussed later.

The Skills of the Duma

So, all the characters have four skills - from the cheapest and the weakest and ending with the most expensive and strong, that's how Dota 2. The Hyde to the Duma can please you - the first skill of this character can not be called weak - with his help he can absorb Any creep, enemy, one's own or neutral, while acquiring his abilities. Therefore, it is very important for you to know the ability of creeps to be able to get in time what you need in a particular situation. With the help of the second skill, Doom ignites the space around him, inflicting a small amount of damage to the enemy. But this is not the main goal - in fact, this skill is used for tactical retreat, when used by the Duma, the speed of regeneration and movement increases for a while. The third skill is an interesting lottery. With its help, you can set fire to the enemy's soul, inflicting standard damage and stunning him. But the most interesting is that depending on the opponent's leveling, he can get damage by twenty percent from his health, so with proper luck this skill will become a powerful weapon. Well, the fourth skill is a real paradise, with its help you can block for fifteen seconds the use of skills to any enemy character, and it will receive permanent damage. Here it is already impossible not to admit that the Duma's skills are a powerful weapon.

Skill Building

Skill-building is the most interesting thing that includes a guide to the Duma. "DotA 1" also offered certain skills, but in the second part everything is much more interesting. So, for the competent pumping of the Duma it is recommended to apply the tactics of alternating pumping the first skill with the other three for the first seven levels - so to the seventh level you will already have the maximum rate of this skill. Then you need to maximize the third lottery skill, divert to the fourth, to maximize the second, and then raise to the very top of the fourth skill and characteristics.


Naturally, for the game for the Duma there are different approaches. First, you need to master the farming, that is, the killing of creeps and weak opponents, since at the initial stages you can hardly do something against strong enemies. Only when you are a little podnaberetes experience and get a good supply of mana - go to the opponents larger.

Fighting tactics

Here everything is simple - rely on your great strength, do not forget about protection and use skills. They will help you win even the most powerful opponents.


As for equipment, you can use different sets, but the most important thing is to raise your defense as soon as possible, which naturally sags and does not rise itself. Therefore, forget about other indicators - focus on protection.

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