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Do I need to know how to become a demon?

Fashion for the Gothic subculture came to us from the West. Its wide distribution was promoted by Hollywood with its films about vampires and mystical thrillers. This is a very profitable niche. A modern person, not burdened by the daily struggle for existence, needs strong emotions that would add drive to the routine of everyday life. But what began as art for some and tickling nerves for others, for the third, that is, children, became the norm of life. We adults "stumbled" this moment when our children began to perceive this imaginary world as a reality and accepted its rules of the game, because everything there is so unusual, romantic and unlike everyday life.

Spurred and consolidated this success is now the famous saga of vampires, knocking out the last remnants of sanity from the heads of adolescents. Now many girls are thinking about how to become a demon, a vampire or a witch. In everyday vanity, we have not yet assessed the scale of the threat. And it is real. It threatens to perestroika of consciousness, a shift in values, and cardinal. And the worst thing is that this can be followed by human sacrifices. Since the main postulate of the Gothic subculture is the denial of the value of human life. How could we not turn into a herd, while our youth is thinking about how to become a demon.

The progenitor of modern Gothic was the Catholic religion of the Middle Ages. In other religions and beliefs, such passions-faces are found in much smaller quantities and they are much harmless. In these gloomy ages, the science of demonology was born, studying hell and the types of demons. The church tried To intimidate his flock, so that she did not even dare to shout. Scientists in monasteries wrote tracts, drafted instructions for combating dark forces, identifying witches, sorcerers, and possessors. Priests appeared, casting out demons and demons. At the same time, the first colorful descriptions and images of evil were created. Throughout Europe bonfires burned. Naturally, all the strict prohibitions have provoked interest and protest. And in the subconscious of people these images have settled, and the devastating epidemics of the plague contributed to this. The emergence of the disease was attributed to the desire of the devil to destroy the human race, and eventually became firmly associated with the machinations of the enemies of people. Then there were stories that a person can become a demon or a vampire. Only by the XVI century people came to the idea that the cause of epidemics is not Satan, but elementary unsanitary conditions. When they solved this problem, they went to the recession of the epidemic, together with them the claims to the Antichrist and his ilk came to naught. There was a lull.

In the XIX century (relatively prosperous time in the history of mankind), the first Gothic novels appeared. It was considered fashionable, secular society was carried away by them (again in order to tickle the nerves). It was fun, no one seriously thought how to become a demon. And already in the twentieth century, "cinematographers" began to exploit this topic with might and main, they also created such a phenomenon as a gothic subculture.

For those who are considering how to become a demon, it is worth reading the novel by M. Bulgakov "Master and Margarita". Carefully read, because it clearly shows how easy it is to lose your human qualities, and what happens to those who are tempted and whispered evil spirits. Especially you need to pay attention to the scene in the cinema, remember that the real demon is given to become units. The rest will turn into an insensitive and unnecessary animal.

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