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Do you need pillows for newborns?

With the birth of an infant, everything in the house is subject exclusively to its comfort and convenience. He has the best and brightest room, equipped in full accordance with the requirements of pediatricians, he has the most comfortable and spacious cot with a comfortable orthopedic mattress and the most beautiful bed linen. However, it is very difficult to provide all the details necessary for this tiny creature. Often parents are interested in whether pillows are needed for newborns? There is an unequivocal opinion on this issue of pediatricians and orthopedists - no, they are not needed.

Experts say - the pillow for newborns harms the normal formation of the child's spine. It will be quite enough put under the head of a folded four-fold diaper. Producers of numerous pads, which are now available, say the opposite. Let's try to understand all this variety and find out whether they are useful for our children.

The sleeping cushion is a butterfly, it is an annular roller, with a small indentation in the middle, to fix the head. It can be used from the 28th birthday of the baby. It will be useful until he is two years old.

Pillows for newborns, which are an open ring, are created rather for the convenience of the mother while breastfeeding the baby, and not for sleeping the baby.

To fix the baby in the "lying on the back" or "lying on his side," pillows for the newborn - positioners are created. These are small thin pads on which the baby's head lies, and two rollers on the sides fix his body. When the child begins to grow up, the width of the pillow and the position of the rollers can be changed. There were even such models of these pillows, in which a device simulating the heartbeat of the mother is mounted, in order for the child's sleep to be deep and calm.

What are the pillows for newborns filled with? Feathers and down are not suitable for babies, since they can cause allergies. If there is no reaction to the wool, you could recommend a woolen filler, but it does not erase and quickly rolls down.

Synthetic fillers are hypoallergenic. The cheapest ones are synthetic. Often used in orthopedic products filler komforel - small fiber balls.

The most expensive pillows are filled with latex - they are elastic, well fix the neck and shoulders.

Another, often used filler for orthopedic pillows is polyurethane foam, which combines the properties of elasticity and viscosity. Due to the many pores in this material, the cushion is self-ventilating, so the surface of the cushion has a stable temperature at any time of the year.

To extend the life of the orthopedic pillow, you must follow simple rules. When washing, the water temperature should not be above 40 degrees. Washing is done only with household or baby soap. Washing powders can not be used. Dry the pillow in the shade, avoid direct sunlight.

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