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Guessing on a loved one: "He loves - does not like, he presses to the heart - he will send to the devil"

Vorozhba on the cards, Card divination - one of the most common and reliable ways to find out everything about your chosen one and your joint future. Divination by a loved one "likes - does not like" can be carried out both online and on real maps. Experts advise to give preference to the present, because, holding them in their hands, you charge them with your energy and open your destiny to them. Despite what kind of card guessing you choose, remember that these pictures are only a guide, and the secrets of the power of your thoughts reveal secrets. Therefore, after beginning the divination of the beloved "likes - does not like", you need to constantly think about the person you decided to turn to, imagining his face while shuffling and laying cards. Without your emotional help, they will not show the truth. Today, it is very popular to divulge your beloved person to the Tarot, although it does not differ much from the predictive sorcery on traditional maps. The big plus is that you can guess on your own without resorting to the help of professional scammers and clairvoyants, the significance of map arrangements can be found in the pages of occult magazines.

Predicting fate on the coffee grounds

Guessing on the remains of coffee grounds - a fairly truthful guessing of a beloved man. Experts in coffee divination can tell a lot about a person, his feelings for you, your joint future, etc., considering the bizarre traces left in the cup. To tell fortunes on the coffee grounds, you need natural boiled coffee (not soluble!) And the person you are guessing at. Ask him to drink coffee with you, and leave a mug with a thicket, and it is necessary to predict it. If your man does not drink coffee, and to divulge his beloved "likes - does not like", you just need to hold it, you can just take this person's cup, or at least the one from which he recently drank, brew coffee in it and pour it into the ground. For convenience, it is better to choose a mug of light colors to make the dense contrast with the surface. The minus of the prediction is that it can only be carried out by an experienced fortune-teller, who knows how to decipher the position of the thick in the cup. To learn this is not so easy.

Predictions on the stars

Star divination of a loved one "loves - does not like" the most accurate of the three proposed, but the problem is that the astrologer can only predict the future or further development of events by stars, and one must also know the exact date of birth of a person, including the time of day, , Where the eyes are visible, and wait for a good cloudless weather. Some astrologers prefer to prophesy on the stars on a full moon, since man is very dependent on the moon, and the more fully the moon in the sky, the more she will tell about love or dislike of a man or a woman. Other fortunetellers, on the contrary, do not attach any importance to the Moon, but they are guided only by the stars. The best time for divination is from midnight to 3 am. Often divination by the stars takes place in several stages, and you may also need additional rituals and attributes (fire, water, earth, etc.).

Guessing: an innocent hobby or painful addiction

Do not overlook the fact that sometimes excessive passion for magic leads to very disastrous results. If divination from an innocent passion and a waste of time turns into a painful addiction, akin to drug addiction, then professional help from psychologists is needed. After all, being carried away by guessing, a person practically loses the ability to independently control his own destiny, soberly and adequately assess the surrounding reality.

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