How to install heated seats "Emelya UK-2." Connection diagram and reviews about "Emelya UK-2"

Seat heating in the car is not a luxury, but convenience and comfort. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a car with this function. As soon as cold days come, each driver, sitting down in his driver's seat in the morning, thinks about heating the seats. In order to remedy the situation, special systems have been developed, which can be additionally connected in the car.

They can be in the form of covers and cloaks. And also there are special hidden constructions. These include the system of "Emelya UK-2".

Differences of embedded heating systems from covers

Built-in seat heating is more reliable than a cape with similar functions.

Its main advantages are:

- the exterior of the cabin is not disturbed, since the installation is done under the skin;

- Embedded version of heated seats is absolutely similar to stationary, factory type;

- reliable, safe and durable work;

- The cigarette lighter remains free.

Features of the heating kit "Emelya"

The most important difference from other similar systems is the design of the heating element.

In the market of similar products, there are no such heaters in which carbon fiber is used.

This fiber is very durable, can withstand loads up to 100 kg, does not stretch at all and does not break at use. The threads inside the heating plates are connected in parallel, which prevents their complete disconnection. If one of them is damaged, the others continue to work. The surface is heated evenly and in a matter of minutes. This brings this kit to the sales leaders not only in Russia. It can be purchased in online stores, in car markets, in specialized stores and at the service station. The product is certified and fully complies with safety requirements.

Completion of the heating system "Emelya UK-2"

Connection of "Emelya UK-2" is recommended to be performed by professionals. Only in this case will the guarantee for the heater remain. If you wish, you can install this additional equipment yourself.

"Emelya UK-2" is equipped with 4 heaters, 2 control units, which can be placed in different places. This system has 8 heating modes, which are accompanied by a separate color indication. Green means weak mode, yellow - medium, red - strong and red flashing - the most intense.

Also in the set include wiring harnesses, instructions and connection diagram of "Emelya UK-2", as well as a warranty card. Descriptions are detailed enough and will be understood not only by a specialist.

The installation kit "Emelya UK-2" is equipped with protection against short circuit and from sparking. The system automatically turns off after 30 minutes of use.

One heater consumes up to 70 watts. The working power is 57 W, the resistance is 2.1 m. If a malfunction is detected on the control unit, a corresponding indication will be displayed.

Mounting and securing seat heating

Installation of "Emelya 2 UK" begins with the preparation of a convenient place for the installation of control units. This can be a place on the doors, between the seats or on the dashboard. In order to properly cut the hole under the control buttons, there is a sticker-template in the set.

The next stage - removal of the plating from the seats of the driver and the passenger. Place the heating panels on the seats in such a way that they do not come into contact with the metal wire or frame in the latter. Particular attention should be paid to maintaining the integrity of the heating threads. Selected seats on the seats must be treated with a degreaser. After the surface is dry, heaters are glued to these areas. When gluing it is necessary to maximize the alignment of the plates, so that they do not form wrinkles.

After installing the heating elements, the wiring under the seat must be removed, along with the pads. The power harness should lie in places where it will be unharmed. 4 contact pads must be removed into special holes for the control units.

Wires must be connected as follows:

Red - to the power circuit (12 volts) with a 20A fuse;

Blue - to the ignition switch;

Black - to the "mass";

White to the backlight wiring.

Under the seat, you should connect the heater pads and the harness and fix them with plastic ties to the frame of the seat. Contact pads and control units are combined, pre-isolating the wire harness with an insulating tape.

After connecting all contacts and isolating them, check the operation of the device with the engine running. If the heated seats function normally, you must put the covers on the seats.

If a fault is detected, the user must disconnect the four-pin connector from the control unit and contact the warranty service.

Display on the control unit

During normal heating operation, the intensity of the heat supply is reflected by a separate color indication. A green light indicates a weak mode, yellow - medium, red - strong and red flashing - the most intense.

In case of problems, you should also pay attention to the control unit. If there is sparkling, the display will flash on both controls in yellow and red.

If there is a short circuit in the wiring , the red and green light bulbs will light simultaneously on the two regulators.

Car enthusiasts about the work of the "Emelya"

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Many drivers leave only positive feedback. "Emelya Uk-2" is very easy to install. It is necessary to follow instructions that explain the whole sequence of actions in sufficient detail.

On reliability and quality, users give the device the first place from existing on the market of similar samples. After using this device for a few days, you will not want to sit on the cold seats.

Specialists of service stations note that users do not return to them with claims for a malfunction in the operation of equipment.

The warranty from the manufacturer is 4 years, which also positively characterizes this heating system.

Most drivers recommend "Emel" to their friends and acquaintances.

Heaters for seats of Chinese origin are dangerous for use.

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