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Creative way and personal life: Svetikova Svetlana Andreevna

"Star Factory" has admitted dozens of young and promising stars into the world of show business. Svetikova Svetlana Andreevna is a vivid example of a successful "manufacturer". The actress sings, starred in the cinema, plays in the theater and repeatedly participates in all sorts of television projects. Also in this article you will find information about the personal life of Svetlana Svetlana.

Star Biography

The creative path of the girl began at a very small age. Already in 4 years she was a full member of the musical collective "Cartoon". In her native Dzerzhinsk she studied at the 37th school. Then she was transferred to the 113th, as here special attention was paid to music and choreography. Higher education Svetikova Svetlana Andreevna tried to get twice. The first time she entered the Pedagogical Institute. But he could not finish his girlfriend, since she preferred the role of Esmeralda in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris".

In 2006, Svetikova decided to re-enter the university. This time, her choice fell on RATI-GITIS. From the faculty of pop art, the newly-enrolled student was expelled for constant absences. The fact is that Svetlana devoted all her time to shooting in the film "We can not catch up". The parents of the girl Andrey Vasilyevich and Marina Vladimirovna support their daughter in everything. Mom Svetikova Svetlana Andreevna in adolescence only engaged in singing, after the wedding she began to teach music in kindergarten and is now in the status of a housewife. The celebrity's father is an engineer by education and an artist of Florentine mosaic by profession.

Personal life

Biography Svetikova Svetlana in the light of affairs of the heart began to interest fans in 2005. At this time, the girl twisted the affair with Alexei Chadov. Lovers tried not to expose their relationship for show. But, by the will of fate, they were constantly among the invited at the same events. The singer and actor spent every minute in each other's company, which was yet another proof of their romantic feelings. Over time, their feelings flared with violent force. The stars decided to live together. This relationship lasted five years and broke up due to Chadov's aversion to careerism Svetikova. The personal life of the former "manufacturer" again excited the public in 2013. This year, the girl introduced her civic husband to the public. The reason for this was that on October 12 that year Svetlana Svetlana Andreevna and her husband the acrobat and figure skater Alexei Polishchuk became parents. The couple had a son, Milan.

Creative way

The fatal project for Svetlana Svetlana Andreevna was Notre Dame de Paris. The role of Esmeralda in the dizzyingly popular performance gave Svetikova the first portion of fame. Then followed the participation in the musical show "Star Factory-3". In the project, she took the fourth place of honor and received a sea of fan love and a contract with a music company.

The theatrical career of the girl also continued to develop in a furious rhythm. She mainly won major roles, including Teresa in the famous production of "The Star and Death of Joaquin Murieta." Also the girl repeatedly took part in shooting various films. In the list of Sveta Svetikova's creative biography of the painting "Gloss", "Happy Together", "Alice's Dreams". An outstanding work in the cinema for the actress was the picture "We can not catch up", for which the girl sacrificed her education. A significant role in the career of the girl is played by musical activity and in particular the recording of soundtracks for films. In her performance songs are sung in the pictures "Kamenskaya", "Alisa's Birthday".

Projects involving Svetikova Svetlana Andreevna

Dozens of projects are on the celebrity's account. Twice Svetlana took part in ice shows. It was a performance on the ice "The Lights of the Big City" and the project "The City of Disco". Also on her account are eleven photo projects. The last of them is a charitable project "Dream Tim" and a special project "TV Park". A lot of Svetikova and television projects. Among the most famous - "Star Factory", "Golden Gramophone", "Dancing with the Stars", "The Last Hero." As for advertising, the singer was shot in the framework of the "factory" contract in a commercial for the new season of the project. Also for a long time the girl was the face of such companies as Dixon and Amway. And this is not surprising, because the external beauty of a girl can only be envied.

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