Balm of Dikul - description of the preparation

Today, Valentina Dikulya probably knows the whole country. The former circus acrobat, who received a severe spinal injury, is now an academician, doctor of medical sciences, a master of sports and creator of unique balms. Balm Dikul can be seen in any pharmacy. It has a very wide field of application.

With its help, treat arthritis and arthrosis of any origin and location. Also, balm is used to prevent joint diseases. With exacerbation of radiculitis, arthrosis and similar diseases, people, in the first place, tend to relieve pain. If this is done with the help of conventional medicines, the habit is taking place, there is a danger of side effects. And most importantly - the disease remains. Balm Dikul affects the cause of the disease.

In its composition - natural components, matched with their compatibility. It is a bear bile, a unique extract of chaga, bee venom, mummy, beeswax, famous propolis, fresh tea tree oil, sea buckthorn oil. In addition, the balm contains extracts of chamomile, dog rose, nettle, celandine, ginkgo, as well as vitamins A and E and water enriched with silver ions. For example, the mummy is a potent biostimulator that enhances the processes of tissue regeneration; Tea tree oil and pure propolis stimulate immune mechanisms to avoid bacterial infection; Sea buckthorn oil has anti-inflammatory and resorptive effect; Natural bear bile and bee venom relieve pain, edema, inflammation. The analgesic properties of these natural ingredients with prolonged use do not weaken, they do not give side effects, which is very important for any treatment.

If the disease is already present - sciatica, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, gout, as well as bruises, sprains, fractures - Dicul Balm anesthetizes and exerts anti-inflammatory action, improves microprocesses. This is noticeable from the first days. After the transferred articular trauma (bruise, sprain, fracture) massage Balm Dikul helps restore the functions and movement, prevents the development of joint diseases. This is due to the fact that it activates the process of metabolism, increases blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, promotes the formation of joint fluid, dissolves salt deposits, restores cartilaginous tissue, and resolves inflammatory foci. Under the influence of balm the ligaments and joints become more mobile.

It is obvious that any trauma in the absence of treatment can lead to various complications that cause suffering and worsen the quality of human life. Complications, of course, are easier to prevent than cure. And to do it better with the help of Balm Dikul, than with the help of any other drug. For qualitative, productive treatment, it is necessary to properly use the drug, to follow the method of application and dose.

Diseases can worsen with reduced immunity. For their prevention for colds or overcooling, it is necessary to vigorously rub the balm in the places prone to the disease, within three minutes. With exacerbation of sciatica or osteochondrosis - apply the cream with light massaging movements for two minutes. After rubbing the sore spot is covered with a woolen cloth. The operation must be repeated three times a day. The course of treatment is up to 6 weeks. With gout, arthrosis, arthritis - rub intensely balm in circular movements for three to five minutes. Cover with a woolen cloth. The operation should be repeated three times a day. The course of treatment is up to 6 weeks.

There are contraindications. Balm Valentine Dikul can not be applied to the damaged skin. It should also consider the possibility of allergic effects of the components of the drug. Balm Dikul is allowed to leave in Russian pharmacies without a prescription.

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