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How to learn to do a somersault in the home: the features of the exercise

In acrobatics, there is a terrific trick - a roll in the air. To perform it, you must have good physical preparation and flexibility. All interested persons are probably interested in learning how to do a somersault at home. In doing so, it should be remembered that the exercise is fraught with trauma, so it is desirable to perform it under the supervision of a professional. The article will tell you how to quickly, safely and easily master a somersault.

First of all, you need to decide for yourself: is the level of physical preparation and flexibility sufficient to jump high and deftly make a roll. People who have not had sports for a long time or have never had to practice in this direction first. If there are no problems with this, consider how to learn to do a somersault at home.

For work you need to organize a place. It takes a lot of space to not damage the surrounding objects and not hit yourself. The floor is covered with a pair of mattresses or thick blankets. It will also require a free surface of a sturdy table up to the waist (or slightly higher). Now you can begin to perform tasks that lead to a flip forward.

№1. The basic exercise is a somersault. Without this skill, it is impossible to do a flip. Perform it in the following way: from the standing position, raise your straightened arms up, the back should be round (relax your shoulders and bend it with the wheel). Next, you have to squat down so that your legs are slightly apart (prevents teeth or nose from blowing on your knees at the moment of a future somersault). Hands are put further away from themselves, and a long roll is performed. This training is the basis of how to learn to do a somersault at home. Note that throughout the entire movement you need to stretch your shoulders to your knees, and not vice versa. Chin keep pressed to the chest (beginners can keep them a piece of foam rubber). At the end of the somersault, grasp the middle of the shank. Hint: if everything is done correctly, then after the somersault, the person engaged will easily get to his feet.

№2. Roll over mats from the bridge. This training will allow you to learn how to do a somersault ahead, will let the body know how the movement is going. Of course, with sports equipment it will be much more convenient and safer to carry it out. At home, you need a pair of good mats, located on some surface at the level of the belt (table). Instead of the bridge, you can put any low device that can spring and sustain the weight of your body. Next you need to jump and perform a roll. The movement should be directed upwards and slightly forward.

No. 3. Roll over mats with a light run. The trainer must accelerate and make a high jump with the palm resting on the surface, repeating the previous exercise. By this principle, the acrobatic stunt in question is performed.

When all of the above will be mastered, it is advisable to try to do a somersault with the partner's insurance in the gym, on mats. The assistant must direct the movement in the desired direction.

Now we have learned how to learn to do a somersault at home. You should perform all tasks taking into account the previously described subtleties, otherwise such a spectacular stunt will be done incorrectly.

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