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Eileen: the meaning of name and origin

"As a ship you will call it - so it will float" - this saying has arisen for a reason. The name is a powerful bearer of information about a person. Surely you noticed that people with the same names have something in common: they have some common habits, something similar in the way of life, sometimes similarity manifests even in appearance. At birth, a person is given a name, and from childhood on a subconscious level begins the formation of his own "I" in accordance with his sound. Consider, for example, the female Aylin: the meaning of the name, its origin and characteristics.

The meaning of the name, origin

In translation from the Turkic name Aylin means "moonlight". The first part of the name "ah" can also be interpreted as "the moon" and "inspiration." In the Qur'an it is said that it means the name of Eileen "a stream in Paradise". The name is common among Turks, Tatars, and in the course of it it is also among the English-speaking population, in particular among Scots and Irish.

Because of the difference in pronunciation of Russian names by Europeans, it may well be that Aylin is just one of the variants of the pronunciation of other names, for example, such as Alina, Elena, Alena, Elina.

Characteristics of the name

So, what does the name Eileen mean? Egoz, fidget - these words accurately characterize the little Aylin. However, with age little changes - she likes changing places, does not want and does not want to appreciate stability, which often becomes the cause of loneliness. Although loneliness does not bother her at all, she perceives it as the main component of freedom. The girl from birth is endowed with aristocratic appearance. Eileen - a gentle and refined nature, craves universal admiration, but not because of vanity, but because of the desire to teach others a lesson of good behavior.

What about the character of Eileen? The meaning of the name means that it is a strong and strong-willed person. She is disciplined and ambitious, if you need to achieve a certain goal - she will do it. Ailin is kind and generous, she is sensitive and always cares about others. Excessive trustfulness can cause deception, so it's important that there are always true loyal friends around.

Career and hobbies

The meaning of names and character are in thin dependence on each other. Eileen attracts beauty and harmony in everything, she strives to create a world around her, filled with beauty. Most often it realizes itself in creative activity: art, music, cinema, if the sport is artistic gymnastics, dancing or synchronized swimming. In the social field, she also easily achieves success, because she brings pleasure in contact with people. For Eileen such concepts as justice, responsibility are important, therefore it can realize itself in the field of jurisprudence or policy.

Love and compatibility, the requirements for a partner in family life

If this girl happened to fall in love sincerely, then this feeling becomes an urgent, sometimes unconscious necessity. What is characteristic of Aylin? The meaning of the name characterizes the girl as a tactful and sensitive person, somewhat pensive and not without wit, she will not take rash steps. A girl with this name can be quite demanding to a partner - this is due to the fact that she respects the feelings of others and requires a corresponding attitude. If the partner will treat her with due attention, the girl will surround him with warmth, tenderness and care.

So with whom will be happy in the family life of Eileen? The meaning of the name implies good compatibility when creating a marriage with Yaroslav, Timur, Vladimir, Ivan, Andrey, Leonid, Timofei.

It happens that the owner of this name is unnecessarily hypochondriac, touchy and vulnerable, especially in cases of prolonged absence of a loved one next to him. Then she feels a sense of loneliness and abandonment. The union will be long and well-coordinated if it succeeds in finding a person who will love her affection, devotion, warmth and care.

Famous Aylin: a name in history

A famous personality in the history of world cinema is a talented actress from Los Angeles Ailin Brennan. She starred in the films "Private Benjamin," "Supper with murder," "Scam," "Cheap Detective."

One can not help mentioning one more American actress, Eileen Heckart, born in 1919. She became the owner of various film awards: "Oscar", "Golden Globe", "Emmy". She starred in such films as "Sudden Love", "Club of First Wives", "The Last Betrayal".

English actress Aileen Atkins starred in more than 80 films and serials.

There are representatives of this name and in the field of music. Armenian-Lebanese singer Eileen Khachaturyan sang songs from different directions: from jazz to rock and traditional national works.

Aileen Edwards, better known under the pseudonym Shania Twain, performs songs in the style of pop and country music. She is the recipient of numerous awards, in addition, she is the only singer who has won the title of "Diamond" three times in a row.

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